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one who agreed to work for for a number of years to a passage way into america indentured serant
a colonie governed by proprietors who pay land rent to the monark. proprietary colonie
monarks offical group of advisors privy councle
group of rep. from VA colonie who helped governorg rule VA House of Burgeses
"upper" house of parliment, members were nobles, bishops, archbishops House of Lords
"Lower" house of parliment, memebers were usally are "commonners" representing every town or country House of Commoners
8 men who were granted a charter for what is NC,SC, and GA Loards Proprietors
a colonie under the direction of the monark royal colonie
offical primision to opperate something charter
govern. based on religion therocracy
1529 Henery 8- church of england
1588 aramada
1607 james town
1612 tobacco to london
1619 Africans / burgesses
1621 Thanksgiving
1629 Charles 1 to SC to heath
1660 Charles 2 restored
1663 Carolina charter/Hilton
Who was the first king of england? Henery 7
How many houses does parliment have? two
After henery 7 died who took over? Henery 8
What problems did Henery the 8 have? - couldn't stay married-couldnt have a boy
annul? didn't happen
divorce? did happen
Who astablished Church of England? Henery the 8th
Why did henery the 8th astablish CHurch of England? so he could annul his marriage
how did henery the 8th die? diesaeses
Who took over after Henery 8th died? Queen Elizebeth 1
Who astablished Roanoke settlement? Sir Walter Raliegh
What was Roanoke later called? Lost colonie
Who was the strongest country at this time? spain
Who was the second strongest country? France
Who was the third strongest country? England
What did the VA compaine convince people to go to new america? land
Who took over after Queen Elizeneth died? James 1st
Who was the first permintent settlement made by? John Smith
Who astablished james town? VA companie
Once the VA compaine started to aruge who took back the VA colonie and made it a royal colonie? King James 1
After the king took back VA who was granted to rule VA? Privy council
Who astablished Maryland? Calvert
What was Marylands main settlement? Baltimore
When other puritians thought Church of england should be more stricked the ones who didnt think it should be were pushed away, The were called what? pillgrims
What was the pillgrims main settlement? plymouth
Who took over the mass. bay compaine? puritans
How did the mass. bay colonie get taken over? Puritans bought up on stock and convinced people who had alot of stock to join in
Robert Health went to b/w vargina and spainsh florida. why didnt people come? everyone went to VA or florida
Does charles 1 loose or win the war? loose
After the civil war what happened to Charles The 1st? got is head chopped off
Where was Charles 2nd called from? Holand
Where did John Colleton move to? Barbatoes
What does Charles mean in latin? Carolina
Carolina settlement was in honor of who? Charles the 2nd
who was hiered to look along carolina coast for best place to settlement? William Hilton
The 8 loard proprietors Albemarle, Ashley Cooper, Berkeley, Berkeley,Colleton, Craven, Carteret, Claredon
Henery 7th, Henery 8th and Elizebeth 1st where in what family? Tutars
James 1st, Charles 1st, and Charles 2nd where in what family? Stewarts
Who faught with The pope? Henery 8th
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