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WH SCH test 4 ty

Wilson Hall South Carolina History test 4 ty

Henry 8 made church of England 1529
Lost colony 1587
Spanish Armada 1588
Jamestown made 1607
tobacco went to london 1612
Africans went to America. House of Burgesses created 1619
pilgrams had thanksgiving 1621
Charles 1 granted Robert Heath land 1629
Charles 2 restored 1660
William Hilton Explored SC NC. Lords Proprietors granted charter 1663
Parliment had 2 jobs laws and taxes
the first englishman to sail to New World John Cabbot
Henry 8 had many wives
Who made church of england henry 8
After henry8 died who took over country Queen Elizabeth
Who attempted to make a settlment on the coast of NC Sir walter Raligh
largest fleet of ships ever Spanish Armada
Who was king after Elizabeth King James1
what fueled colonies stock marcket
Company that formed Jamestown Virginia Company
Who lead Jamestown Captian John Smith
people went to new world in search of land
who were used as endentured servants Africans
Who made Maryland colony Lord Calvert Baltimore
wanted to follow pure words of bible puritants
puritants who broke away from Church Of England Pilgrams
Pilgrams settled in Plymouth
Massachusets bay company called area around Plymouth Massachusets
Made Fishing Colony called Boston
Other puritants who were persecuted by pilgrams were made colony of Rhode Island
after king charles1 Who took over as the king Parliment
parliment was unable to do kings job so who became king King Charles 2
privy council granted charter to lords proprietors for whos land Robert Heath
Who explored NC Sc coast for a place to settle William hilton
Where did william hilton reccomend make a settlement Cape Fear, NC
Created by: Wilson Hall