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3.08 vocab

Frequency Number of times you wish to expose a targeted audience to your advertisements
Reach the number of people in a targeted audience exposed to an ad or campaign at least one time during a designated time period
Reach Calculation Percent found by dividing the target audience exposed to an ad by the total target audience.
Broad reach effective for consumer convenience goods like toothpaste.
Effective reach number or percent of consumers in a target audience exposed the an ad a specific minimum # of times
Circulation the size of the audience in the media most significant factor of media costs
Preffered location of ad time of ad position of ad
editorial climate credibility and prestige
absolute cost the total expenditure for an ad
CPM based on cost per thousand often used in print media
CPRP based on cost per rating point
GRP based on gross rating points across a media platform
Extensive coverage reaching a large audience and exposing them at least once to your advertisement
Intense coverage reaching a smaller audience more often to drive home the message
continuous strategy ads on a regular basis
flighting strategy intermittent scheduling
pulsing strategy combination, low then high
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