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RICA Domain 1

Concept Description
Three types of Reading Assessment Entry-level assessment (prior to instruction) Monitoring of progress (during) Summative assessment (after)
Testing adjustments for IEP and 504 Plan 1. more time 2. divide the assessments into smaller parts 3. change the mode of delivery (writing to oral) 4. practice assessments before 5. provide a simpler version of the assessment
Quality Indicators Reliability- results are consistent Validity- if it measures what it claims to measure
Two ways to organize data Individual profile Class profile
Frustration Reading Level Books can not be read and understood by the child even with teacher help. Student reads less than 90% of words correctly or did not answer 60% of comprehension questions.
Independent Reading Level Can read and understand without teacher assistance. About 95% or more words correctly and answer 90% or more comprehension questions. Reading level is highest for what the student usually read
Instructional Reading Level Can be read and understood with the help of the teacher. Reading should be at his level. Reads 90% or more words correctly and answer at least 60% of comprehension questions.
Assessments to Determine Reading Level Word recognition list graded reading passages reading interest survey concepts about print phonemic awareness assessments phonics assessments fluency structural analysis assessment vocabulary assessment spelling test
Communicating Assessment Results to: Student Parents/Guardian School district/personnel
Created by: ricatestprep
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