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Moose Late 19 Centur

Late 19th Century

What did the Conservative Democrats do to unite white South Carolinians? Used ideas of the "old glory" of South Carolina
Why were Wade Hampton's supporters called Redeemers? They saved SC from the Republicans
What was the purpose of laws such as the Eight Box Law, Poll Tax, and Grandfather Clause? To disfranchise African Americans
What were the purpose of Jim Crow Laws? To discriminate against African Americans
How did the industries of coal, steel, and oil aid the development of the North and West? Provided needed items for the railroad industry
What were three industries that developed in SC? Cottonseed oil, phosphates, and lumber
What did the majority of mills in SC produce? Textiles
How did SC mills help the economy of the state? Provided jobs for South Carolinians
What did SC mill owners do to attract workers? Provided mill villages
Why did mills develop in the Upcountry? Due to its rivers and inexpensive labor
How did overproduction affect farmers? Prices decreased
What political party emerged from the farmers' organizations? Populist
What group of South Carolinians did Ben Tillman support through his politics? Poor white farmers
How did Tillman work to provide better education for teachers and farmers? Through land grant colleges of Winthrop and Clemson
What natural disaster affected the cotton crop in SC? Boll weevil
What natural disaster wiped out rice fields and made the Low Country turn to tobacco as a cash crop? Hurricane
To what did the Homestead Act lead? Increased settlement of the West
Why did South Carolinians not move out west? Lack of money
Why did African Americans migrate to the North? Discrimination, violence, and mill jobs not available to them in the South
What effect did the European immigrants have on SC? None because they did not immigrate to SC
Due to European immigration in large northern cities, what group became politically powerful? Political bosses
Against whom did the concept of nativism discriminate? Southern and Eastern Europeans
What party arose from social problems due to the growth of cities and industrial working conditions? Progressive
What is a major issue that SC tried to address with the Child Labor Law? Establish a minimum age
What affect did the more conservative view in SC have on the Progressive Movement? Little support for Progressive reforms
Why did SC institute a compulsory attendance law? To improve education in the state
With what political party was Governor Richard Manning affliated? Progressive
Who was a national figure associated with the Progressives? Teddy Roosevelt
What amendment gave women the right to vote? 19th Amendment
What amendment satisfied the Temperance Movement? 18th Amendment
What amendment made former slaves citizens? 14th Amendment
What amendment established the federal income tax? 16th Amendment
What amendment abolished slavery? 13th Amendment
What amendment gave African American males the right to vote? 15th Amendment
Created by: camoose