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Hellenistic Period

First before and then during

Who was Philip II? Father of Alexander the Great (382-336, captive to Thebes. He returns to Macedonia in 364 and becomes king in 359. He initially wasn't suppose to be king.
What were some of Phillip II's military reforms? 1. full time service 2. Modified body of troops with longer spears, about 18 ft, less armor and smaller shields 3. banned wheeled transport and reduced carry followers 4. Integrated cavalry with body of troops (Macedonia had a lot of horses)
They defeated Greek states but which Greek states did they never attack? Sparta
Did Macedonia believe in polygamy? Yes
Who was Alexander's mother? Olympias, daughter of King of Epirus
Who tutored Alexander and what was Alexander's age? Aristotle, 13-16
What did Alexander cross to invade Persia and some places he conquered? Crossed the Hellespont and invaded Granious,Issus, Tyre, Gangamela
How old was Alexander? 32 years
He crossed what river (in 326)? The Hydaspes River
Name two people he defeats Pares in Punjab (king of Punjab in India, beyond Persia
Which family does Alexander marry to? The Persian family
How many cities has his name that he found? 20 cities which were other Greek cities across Asia, mostly named Alexandra
Who were the Diadonchi (successors)? Ptolemies (Egypt), Seleucids (Bulk of the Persian Empire), Antigonids in Macedonia, Attalids in Pergamun
In Alexandria, Egypt what did they have that was so famous? 1. Great Library-lecture halls, reading rooms, dining facilities. 2. Lighthouse called Phares. 3.Great Library- every ship had to give a copy of a book or play to collect all information as possible. Had lecture halls, reading rooms, dinning facilities
Explain about the Museum in Alexandria, Egypt? A research center, permanent scholars study, botanical garden, probably the first research center in the world, zoo, observatory, everything for scientific research, basically all knowledge
Who was Artitaroshle of Samos? a scientist who believed that the sun is center while others believed that the earth is center. Earth rotates on axis every 24 hours and around the sun every 365 days
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