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Chapters 3

1920s - PART I - Interwar Period 1919-1939

factories, offices, or other operations set up in Canada but owned or controlled by U.S. or other foreign companies. branch plants
massive strike in Canada organized by workers and unions in 1919. Winnipeg General Strike
negotiation of a contract between unions and management regarding such things as wages and working conditions. collective bargaining
the banning of the sale and consumption of alcohol prohibition
group of Canadian landscape painters in the 1920s Group of Seven
a court case in which the Famous Five successfully fought to have women declared "persons" under Canadian law in 1929. Went all the way to the British Privy Council. Persons Case
The Canadian government's 'refusal' in 1922, lead by King, to support British troops in defending a strategic Turkish port; the first time the Canadian government did not support the British military. Chanak Crisis
A 1923 treaty between Canada and the US to protect a specific fish species along the Pacific Coast; the first treaty negotiated and signed independently by the Canadian government. Halibut Treaty
the person who represents the British crown in Canada Governor General
a situation that occurred in 1926 when Governor General Byng refused Prime Minister King's request to dissolve Parliament and call an election. King-Byng Crisis
the law that changed the British Empire into the British Commonwealth; all commonwealth countries to be considered EQUAL IN STATUS WITH BRITAIN and able to make their own laws. Statute of Westminster
a severe economic downturn in the global economy in the 1930s Depression
Ran the illegal operation of smuggling liquor in the United States during Prohibition Al Capone
Women who rebelled against their traditional roles by dancing in clubs, cutting their hair, drinking etc. Flappers
This new invention saved the lives of many due to Frederick Banting Insulin
New products such as this made household chores more efficient Laundry Machines
Some of the reasons for the stock market crash Too much supply and dependence on the American economy
October 29, 1929 Black Tuesday - stock market in U.S. crashed
Personal debt Related to availability of easy credit (loans and credit cards)
Challenged stereotypes about women in sports Edmonton Grads
The moving assembly line made building and then selling this product considerably less expensive - making it a popular status symbol The Ford Model T
Veterans of WWI looked to the government to help them Find jobs and to gain more respect
This law discriminated against immigrants from China The Chinese Exclusion Act
The process of making First Nations Canadians more "Canadian" Assimilation
Children of First Nation families were removed from their homes and physically and mentally abused Residential Schools
This court rejected the Famous Fives request for women to become "persons" under the law Supreme Court of Canada
First international body in which Canada represented itself League of Nations
Terms for what we now know as welfare "relief" or being on the "pogey" or "dole"
Drought, expensive agricultural equipment and grasshopper infestation were problems for this group of Canadians Farmers
They were affected most by the Great Depression Young Unemployed Men
Men began to do this in search of employment Ride the Rails/Rods
The government created these make work projects and places to avoid potential crime resulting from poverty Relief Camps
Protest to government regarding status of relief camps and lack of ability to improve living conditions of Canadians On-To-Ottawa Trek
This political party supported socialism and that government should control buisness CCF
This political party blamed big business and felt that the government should give each man/woman $25 a month to live Social Credit Pary
This political party began in Quebec and worked to promote French Canadian culture and rights Union Nationale
This policy introduced by the government promised to increase taxes on the rich, lower farm debts, and provide unemployment insurance and pensions New Deal
Who gave the infamous "5 cent speech"? Mackenzie King
Who thought that the economy would fix itself and raised taxes on imported goods? R. B. Bennett
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