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Study Guide for the US Constitution

The arrangement by which government power is divided between the national (federal) government and state governments is known as: federalism
The arrangement by which government power is divided between the branches of government is separation of powers
The arrangement by which each branch of government is able to oversee the actions of the other branches (independent action by a single branch is limited) is: checks and balances
The president is granted unlimited power under the US Constitution. True or False? False
The U.S. Constitution is a remarkable document. Proof of this is illustrated by the fact that it has remained with us for over 230 years without being changed. False
The primary function of the legislative branch is to Make laws
The primary function of the executive branch is to make sure that laws are carried out
The primary function of the judicial branch is to interpret laws and settle disputes over their meaning
What actions can the president take once a bill is sent to him/her by Congress? veto it and return it to Congress, hold it for 10 days and allow it to become a law, sign it into law
According to the constitution, how can the president make treaties and appoint government officials? with two-thirds approval of the senate
Article I, Section 8, Clause 18 is referred to as the "necessary and proper clause" or the "elastic clause"
The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land
The power of the Supreme Court to decide whether a law is constitutional or not is referred to as judicial review
The Constitution consists of a Preamble, 7 Articles and 27 Amendments
What is one of the "checks" that the executive branch can exercise over the legislative branch? veto a law
What is one of the "checks" that the judicial branch can exercise over either the executive or legislative branch? veto a law
What is one of the "checks" that the legislative branch can exercise over the executive branch? approve presidential appointments
What would result from a strict constructionist interpretation of the U.S. Constitution? A court ruling that restricted police powers of search and seizure
Amendment that protects people from "unreasonable searches and seizures" 4th
Amendment that prevents government from taking life, liberty and property without "due process of law" 5th
Amendment that protects citizens from being subjected to "cruel and unusual" punishment 8th
Amendment protects freedom of speech, religion, petition, assembly and press 1st
Amendment granted women the right to vote 19th
Amendment states that people have rights not listed in the Constitution 9th
Amendment granted 18 year olds the right to vote 26th
Amendment guarantees the right to a speedy, public trial in criminal cases 6th
Amendment that made blacks citizens 14th
Amendment that granted blacks the right to vote 15th
Number of branches in our central governmen 3
Number of amendments in the Bill of Rights 10
The number of voting members in the House of Representatives 435
The number of senators from each state 2
The term of office in years for a U.S. senator 6
The term of office in years for a president 4
The number of senators in the US Senate 100
The term of office in years for a member of the House of Representative 2
The minimum age requirement for a member of the House of Representatives 25
The minimum age requirement for a U.S. president 35
The power of the government to take private property without permission power of Eminent Domain
The guarantee that all people will receive fair and equal treatment in a court of law. Due process of law
Congress consists of what two houses? Senate, House of Representatives
The most difficult problem in a democratic society is to balance government ________with the protection of people's ______________. power, rights
Our entire system of government is dependent upon the idea that government power comes from the people
Amendment that gives the right to bare arms 2nd
Amendment that states no soldier may be housed in private homes without permission. 3rd
Amendment that guarantees the right to trial by jury 7th
Amendment that grants states powers 10th
Amendment that banned slavery 13th
Created by: melinej