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French Vocab Part 1

Part 1

larmes tears
essuyer to wipe or to suffer
s'essuyer to dry
rêve dream
sauf except
moyen(ne) average
essentiel essential
siècle century
enfin finally
d'abord at first, firstly
moteur de recherche search engine
loi law
besoin need
centenaires Centenarians
bâtiments buildings
viendra "will come"
fabriquerons "shall make"
régnera will reign
paix peace
avenir future
parmi amongst
concours contest, competition
apparus appeared
brusquement abrupt(ly)
disparu missing
être porté to be reported missing
aux environs de around
chute fall
ancêtre ancestor
parmi amongst
tranchant (es) sharp
atteindre to reach
pointure size
bec (s) beak, gill
corne horn
corné folded
titulaire holder
quelque chose something
quelques choses some things
l'etoile noire the black star
sous money
confie confide, entrust
meurt dies
subitement all of a sudden
décidément undoubtably
immeubles buildings
soudain suddenly
que la princesse lui a donnée that the princess gave to him/her
tellement that, so
greffe transplant
porter to wear
guerre war
dos back, spine, blade
fréquenté frequent
dès que as soon as
Created by: MrTapps