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Civil War

Civil War and Reconstruction

Border State slave state that remained in the Union during the Civil War
Martial Law rule by the army instead of the elected government
Emancipate to set free
Copperhead Northerner who opposed using force to keep the southern states in the Union
Draft law requiring certain people to serve in the military
Habeas Corpus the right that no person can be held in prison without first being charged with a specific crime
Inflation a rise in prices and a decrease in the value of money
Siege military blockade or bombardment of an enemy town or position in order to force it to surrender.
Gettysburg Address speech made by President Lincoln in 1868 after the Battle of Gettysburg
Total War all-out war that affects civilians at home as well as soldiers in combat
Freedman men and women who had been slaves
Reconstruction rebuilding of the South after the Civil War
Black Codes laws passed by southern states that severely limited the rights of African Americans after the Civil War
Impeach to bring charges of serious wrongdoing against a public official
Scalawag white southerner who supported the Republicans during Reconstruction
Carpetbagger uncomplimentary nickname for a northerner who went to the South after the Civil War
Sharecropper person who rents a plot of land from another person and farms it in exchange for a share of the crop
Poll Tax tax required before a person can vote
Segregation legal separation of races
Jim Crow Laws laws that separated people of different races in public places in the South
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