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Unit 8-9

Governor Leader of the executive branch in Virginia
Lieutenant Governor Second in command to the governor and presides over the Senate
Attorney General The lawyer for the commonwealth of Virginia
Virginia General Assembly The legislative branch of Virginia's state government
House of Delegates The lower house in Virginia's general Assembly
Senate the upper house in Virginia's General Assembly
Biennial Every two years
Bureaucracy An organization of government departments, agencies, and offices
Cabinet Advisors to the Governor
Delegate Member of the House of Delegates
Enumerated/ Expressed Powers Powers that are specifically listed and given to the federal government
Federalism The division of powers between the states and the federal government
Implied Powers Powers not specifically listed in the Constitution
Reserved Powers Powers that belong to the states
Concurrent powers Powers that the states and federal government share
Public Policy Government response to public issue
Bond Certificates people buy from the government, in which the government agrees tot pay back the cost of the bond, plus interest, after a set of period of time
Board of Supervisors The elected group in a county which exercises legislative powers, enacting ordinances, and adopting a annual buget
Charter A document giving permission to create a local government that provides a plan as to how that government should work
City Manager oversees the operation for local government
Clerk of Circuit Court An elected official of the every locality of Virginia that is is charge of all legal documents from the courts
City Council The elected group in a city which exercise legislative powers, enacting ordinances, and adopting a annual budget
Independent A city that does bot belong to any county that interacts directly with the state government
Locality A particular neighborhood, place, or distrct
Mayor The leader of city government that either elected by voters or city council members
Ordinances Local Laws
Commissioner of the Revenue A local elected representative responsible for the administration of taxes levied by government
Sheriff An elected local law enforcement officer
Treasurer An elected local official responsible for the economy, finance, and revenue
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