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science ultra study!

(rock cycle) chemical weathing the breaking down of rock due to chemicals in water or atmosphere
(rock cycle) cementation new minerals filling in spaces in between compacted sediment to seal it together
(rock cycle) lithosphere the rocky surface of the earth; the bottom layer of our atmosphere
(rock cycle) alternative a different choice; another option
(rock cycle) "clean" energy energy that doesn't pollute
(rock cycle) acid rain rain containing pollution and other harmful chemicals
(circuits & light) parallel circuit electrical circuit with more than one pathway in witch devices work independently of each other
(circuits & light) series circuit electrical circuit with only one pathway in which devices affect each other
(circuits & light) reflection light bouncing off a surface
(circuits & light) refraction light bending as it moves through another substance
(circuits & light) translucent not all light passing through a material so that images look fuzzy or faint
(circuits & light) transparent all light passing through a material so that images are clear and sharp
(circuits & light) opaque not allowing light to pass through a material so that images cannot be seen
(organism)abiotic non-living things in an ecosystem
(organism)biotic living or once living things in an ecosystem
(organism)perish to die
(organism)thrive grow or live in a strong and healthy way
(organism)species a group of organisms that produce offspring like themselves
(organism)organism a living thing
(organism)ecosystem living and non-living things in an environment that interac
(adaptations) adapt change
(adaptations) behavioral adaptations a change in the way an organism acts in order to meet its needs
(adaptations) physical adaptations a change in the outer appearance or structure of an organism in order to meet its needs
(adaptations) instincts behaviors that are passed down from parents to offspring (children)
(adaptations) learned behavior behaviors that an animal learns to do from its environment or parents
(adaptations) unique niche an organism's role in its environment
(adaptations) inherited trait characteristics passed down from parents to offspring (children)
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