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study guide SS

study guide 9 SS

what was the astrolabe used for to help with navigation
which groups of people contributed to the islamic culture during the middle ages Arabs Turks Persians
why were Baghdad and Cairo important cities during the middle ages Baghdad - capital of the Abbasid empire crossroads of trade routes most beautiful city in the muslim world Cairo Capital of Egypt most advanced university in Muslim world hall of wisdom was a major library
describe three examples of Islamic cultural diffusion Muslims brought the game chess back from India Muslims learned the process of making paper from Chinese people muslims learned about zero from india
how did muslims use the minbar it was a raised pulpit used to by the imam to give his sermon
what did muslims focus on when creating art geometric designs floral designs
how did paper making change the muslims culture it allowed stories to be written and recorded the Qur'an was printed muslims began to write more stories and poetry
Created by: grace.trotter12