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Charter Colony colonists usually members of a corporation. Electors controlled government based on charter
Royal Colony colony with governor selected by the king.
Proprietary Colony owned by individuals with responsibility to king. proprietor selected governor
Puritans want to purify church of England from within. had Calvinist beliefs
Separatists break away from Church of England. Went to Netherlands first and left fearing assimilation. Signed Mayflower Compact, first agreement for gov't in US. led by William Bradford
Massachusetts Bay Company organized company lead by John Winthrop. "city upon a hill"; Puritans
Half-Way Covenant grandchildren of those without spiritual conversion to participate in church affairs
First Great Awakening George Whitfield and Jonathan Edwards preachers
Northwest Ordinance (1787) states feared that others with western land claims could become too large and skew representation. Required states to give up claims to federal gov't. set up how states could join the Union
Jay's Treaty prevented conflict between US and Britain. evacuation of british forces out of forts
Rush-Bagot Treaty stop maintaining armed fleets on Great Lakes
Convention of 1818 joint occupation of Oregon at 49th Parallel between US and British in Canada
Second Great Awakening in "Burned Over District" of northern New York. different denominations
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