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07 - Rome

Rome 6th grade

Most fertile land in Ancient Rome Latium Plain
This river provided a fresh water source Tiber
Belief in many gods Polytheism
Land with water on three sides Peninsula
Laws of Ancient Rome Twelve Tables
The poor people of Rome were called (workers like farmers, traders, craftsmen) Plebeians
The rich people of Rome were called (owned land & could be Senators) Patricians
This was used to count all the people living in Rome; it is still used today Census
The oldest and most powerful people in the Roman government served for life and were called Senators
These warriors fought to the death to entertain the people of Rome Gladiators
This arena was used for gladiator fights and is still standing Colosseum
This was built for chariot racing and could hold many spectators Circus Maximus
This free man, who ran away from the army, turned gladiator and led a revolt but died Spartacus
A saying written on all things in Rome meant "The Senate and People of Rome" SPQR
These mountains separate Italy from the rest of Europe Alps
Belief in ONE god Monotheism
This sea was helpful for travel and trade. It was south of Rome. Mediterranean
Roman invention used to move water Aqueduct
The climate of Rome is best described as mild or _______. It was seasonal but still much warmer than us in the "winter." Nice
This religion started to spread throughout the Roman empire Christianity
These symbols or letters stood for numbers in Rome Roman numerals
These mountains (smaller) run all the way down the boot of Italy Apennine
In the US we build government buildings with this idea from the Romans and the Greeks Columns
The Twelve Tables gave the idea of "innocent until proven ____" Guilty
Both, Rome or US: three branches of government & share power Both
Both, Rome or US: President & VP who serve 4 years US
Both, Rome, or US: Senators Both
Both, US, or Rome: consuls who serve 1 year Rome
Both, US, or Rome: had written laws Both
Both, US, or Rome: only men were citizens Rome
Both, US, or Rome: men and women citizens US
This group was like the army & was responsible for defending Rome Legion
Means the power is held by the people republic
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