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08 - Medieval

Medieval 6th grade

place for safety and defense and where the Lord and Lady lived Castle
The government during this time was a king; this is called an absolute monarchy
King John was forced to sign this document that limited his power and gave people more rights Magna Carta
The best farmland was found on the North European Plain
Land with water on three sides peninsula
A very large, grand church cathedral
Time with new ideas, art, writings, and inventions was called the Renaissance
A disease that killed millions during this time Black Death
The idea of being loyal to the people above; society followed this idea during Medieval times feudalism
Men who devoted their lives to religion monks
Women who devoted their lives to religion nuns
Religion that spread during this time period Christian
The head of the Catholic Church pope
Was loyal to the king and owned the castle; he often helped trained knights lord
She helped run and decorate the castle lady
These people worked very hard and had the most difficult life serfs
Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa
These people trained at a young age with horses and weapons. They were in charge of protecting the manor. knights
These were formed to protect craft workers. They limited competition and set prices. guilds
An expert craftsman that usually owned his own shop and trained others master
A skilled craftsman, but not an expert journeyman
Someone learning a trade but not paid. Given a room and food while they worked and learned. apprentice
This invention led to books spreading and more people learning to read printing press
TRUE or FALSE: Nobody could copy your coat of arms in Medieval tmes true
TRUE or FALSE: During this time, the land was covered by forests true
Training for knights and entertainment for the people jousting
belief in ONE god monotheism
This invention allowed books to be made faster and for ideas to spread more quickly printing press
Created by: jillrausch
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