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Reconstruction (Kendall)

What condition was the South in after the Civil War? it lay in total ruin
What is Reconstruction? The period of time when the South was rebuilt. It also refers to the federal government's plan to rebuild the South.
How many enslaved people were freed after the war? 4 million
What was the percentage Lincoln asked of the voters from the South to swear loyalty to the US? 10%
What did Lincoln grant to any Confederate willing to swear an oath of loyalty to the Union? amnesty
What was the Freedmen's Bureau? It provided food, clothing and medical care to the former Confederate States. It also set up schools for freed slaves.
What did the Black Codes forbid? African-Americans the right to vote, own guns and serve on juries
What did President Johnson do in regards to the rules that were now governing African-Americans in the South? he turned a blind eye
What did Congress attempt to pass? the 14th Amendment
What was the Reconstruction Act meant to do? override any state government
In order to remove President Johnson from office how many votes were required from the Senate? 2/3 majority
How many votes allowed Johnson to remain in office? 1 vote
Who were responsible for trying to remove Johnson from office? Radical Republicans
Who was the third largest group in politics in the South? African-Americans
What are scalawags? Southern white men who agreed with Republicans
What are carpetbaggers? Northerners who traveled down South to make money off of the need for reconstruction
What did Southerners believe about carpetbaggers? they were in such a hurry to make money, that they only had time to throw a few items into a cheap bag
What was Ulysses S. Grant's nickname during the war? Unconditional Surrender Grant
What do Americans voters historically favor? war heroes
What was 15th Amendment? it ensured that no citizen shall be denied the right to vote
What was the Ku Klux Klan? a secret society made up of white men. They dressed in white robes and kept their heads covered
What was the KKK's campaign against? the Republican attempts to establish political and economic equality for African-Americans
What forms of intimidation did the KKK use? violence and even murder
What did the KKK believe in? complete white supremacy
How many terms did Grant serve as President? 2 terms
What was the celebration where Frederick Douglass gave a speech? the Centennial Celebration
Who wins the presidential election in 1867? Rutherford B. Hayes
What was placed on many African Americans in the South? voting restrictions
What was the Polling tax? It required voters to pay a fee every time they voted
What were the Literacy Tests? It required voters to read and explain a difficult part of the constitution
What was the Grandfather Clause? it stated that if a voter's father or grandfather voted in an election the voter didn't have to take the literacy test
What was the law of separating people of different races in the South called? racial segregation
What were the Jim Crow Laws? it separated blacks and whites in schools and public areas
What was the lawsuit brought forward by African Americans know as? Plessy vs. Ferguson
What did the Supreme Court rule about segregation? it was legal as long as facilities were the same for both blacks and whites.
What idea thrived in the South before the Civil Rights Movement? separate but equal
What was a sharecropper? A laborer who worked the land for the farmer who owns it, in exchange for a share of the value of the crop
What did sharecropping do for the African Americans? it kept them living in a community of poverty
Created by: ndmsteach
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