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Ancient China

What did the Aryans have that allowed them to take farmland away from the native people of India? Horses
The Aryans brought their culture and beliefs to India. What religion did the Aryan's religion develop into? Hinduism
Aryan priests brought order to their society through their belief in reincarnation and the use of holy books called the..... Vedas
What teaches that people should seek love, truth, and the joy of knowledge and a calm mind Buddism
Who is known as " The Enlighted One"? Budda
Which Indian ruler believed that "government is the science of punishment"? Chandragupta 1st
Which ruler of India became a Buddist and changed form a cruel ruler to a fair one? Ashoka
After Ashoka's death, what did India go through 500 years of ? Conflict
Who was the ruler of India during the Golden Age? Chandragupta 2nd
Who was the Persian Empire was created by ? Cyrus the Great
Darious ruled the Persian people by allowing them to keep their own ____ and local ____ . Customs and local Rulers
Couriers rode horses and carried ____ to improve ____ within the Persian Empire. Messages to improve Communication
Who changed the religous beliefs of the Persians when he taught them to believe in only 2 gods? Zarathustra
What teaches that life on Earth is a struggle between the forces of light and darkness? Zoroastrianism
Cause: Ashoka became a ____ . Buddist
Primary Effect: Ashoka sends _____ from India to other lands. Missionaries
Secondary Effect: Buddism ____ to other parts of Asia. Spreaded
Cause:Persian leaders built a huge ____ and ____ . Army and Navy
Primary Effect: The Persian military conquers a huge ____ . Empire
Secondary Effect: The conquered people _____ against the Persians. Rebel
Cause: Aryans migrate to the _____ subcontinent. Indian
Primary Effect: Aryan's _____, ______, and _____ become the way of life for Indians. Customs, Languages, and Religion
Secondary Effect: The ideas of Aryans can be seen in India _____ . Cultures
Literature: A._________ B. _________ A. Kalidasa wrote poems and plays. B. Panchantra folktales were collected.
The Lives of the People: A. _____ B._____ A.Traveled freely, roads were maintained. B. Beautiful buildings contructed, hospital care was free.
Medicine: A._________ B._________ A. Doctors set broken bones, helped woman give birth. B. Used skin graft, sterlized tods for surgery, inoculation against diseases.
Created by: Kellsi Nichols