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scansion the process of marking the light and heavy stresses in a poem
rhyme scheme the pattern of a stanza in a poem
setting the time and place of a story and poem
metaphor a device of figurative imagery that uses words such as like, as, or more than
personification putting human characteristics on a animal
hyperbole a figure of speech in which the author uses exaggerated language
meter how poems are measured
plot the arrangements of events in a story
exposition opening of phases in a story in which the writer presents background information
rising actions leading up to the climax
climax the intensest point in a book or story
denouement the final resolutions of a plot, tying up loose ends
protagonist main character
antagonist working against main character
archetype a word in a story has a universal meaning
foil character who is parallel to another character
content what is in a story
pattern arrangement of parts in a way that they reapeat
opposite the exact differ
repitition repeating
allegory an approach to literature or a way of communicating the meaning story drama or poem
trimeter three feet
dimeter two feet
pentameter five feet
tetrameter four feet
one dimensional little information
two dimensional some information
three dimensional alot of information
stock duplicated
pun wordplay
assonance a repitition of a vowel sound
alliteration repeating letters
texture basic scheme or structure
artistry artistic quality or ability
frameworks structural elements
genre a type of literature that had either definite characteristics of form or content or both
mystery a story of suspense, motives, suspects, and detectives
mode overall attitude
Peripheral character side character
physical setting where a story is
temporal setting when a story is
worldview a person's view of the world and the beliefs their life is based on
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