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Mansfield Gray EOC

EOC terms and subjects

WW II leader of Germany Hitler
WW II leader of Italy Mussolini
WW II leader of Soviet Union Stalin
WW II Prime Minister of Britain Churchill
US policy of "loaning" out war supplies during WW II lend lease
Event that prompted the US entry in to WW II Bombing of Pearl Harbor
What was the one area that U.S. continually fought against throughout the Cold War spread of communism
What is the period known as Reconstruction? Rebuilding of America after the Civil War.
Of the three branches of government, whose power cannot be checked through checks and balances? U.S. supreme court
How did buying Alaska help the U.S. economy? Rich in timber, gold, and oil.
Who were the main supporters of the Populist Party? Farmers from the Midwest
Provide two countries where the U.S. actively fought against communism. Korea and Vietnam
What is assimilation? Attempt to get immigrants to "fit in" to American culture.
What major change was there to voting and political participation in the 1970's? Voting age lowered to 18
Which New Deal program was the largest? WPA
What was the D-Day invasion? Allied invasion in to France from Britain to begin pushing Germany back and defeating them.
Who were the world's two major superpowers after WW II? U.S. and Soviet Union
Who won the Korean War? Nobody, it was a stalemate
Who won the Vietnam War? North Vietnam, U.S. helped South Vietnamese and lost
What president's programs were known as the "Great Society"? Lyndon B. Johnson
What documents aim was to ensure communism did not spread to Greece and Turkey? Truman Doctrine
In the late 1900's factories and industry in general started closing in the North. What was this region called? Rust Belt
What three progressive era reforms expanded participation in the country's political process? direct election of U.S. senators, initiative referendum recall, direct primary
What act provided 160 acres of land to farmers if they could live on the land and make something of it for 5 years? Homestead Act
What are civil rights? Push for equal rights for African Americans
How did Britain use the policy of appeasement toward Germany in WW II? Gave in to Hitler in the hopes of avoiding war.
The Red Scare is a scare of what in America? communism
Supreme Court case that ended segregation in schools. Brown V Board of Education
Who has the power to declare war in the U.S. government? Congress
Top secret program that developed the atom bomb in the U.S.during the 1930's and 1940's. Manhattan Project
What group of people was Jane Addams attempting to help through her settlement houses? Immigrants
At what government level did political machines and their bosses operate? local level (cities)
Which act established the draft during WW I? selective service act
Populist Party candidate that gave famous "Cross of Gold" speech and fought against evolution in schools William Jennings Bryan
Created by: coachagray
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