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Chapter 12


Manifest Destiny God Given right to expand westward
Mountain Men Spent most of their time in mountains
Renezvous mountain men gathered for a meeting
Emigrants a person who leaves a country to live elsewhere
Oregon trail Trail used to get to the oregon country
Stephen F. Austin Recruited families to move to texas
Tejanos Mexicans who claimed Texas at their home
Alamo The important war we lost
Sam Houston Lead us in victory at the Battle of San Jacinto
Annex take control of
Battle of San Jancito We won and Santa Anna signed a treaty to declare Texas' independence.
John C. Fremont Wrote about California's mild climate and vast resources.
Rancheros Ranch Owners
Rancho Mexican settlers bought available mission lands and set up huge estates
Treaty Of Guadalupe Hadalgo Signed in 1848 Mexico gave up Texas and agreed to Rio Grande as the border between Texas and mexico.
Mexican Cession Mexico gave up California and New Mexico to the united states for $15 million .
Gadsden Purchase A strip of land along the edge of present day Arizona and new mexico.
Forty-Niners People who arrived in California for gold
Boomtowns New communities
Vigilantes groups of people for protection
Levi Stauss Made money by selling Denim
Mormons Members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Brigham Young Lead the Mormons to Utah (Great Salt Lake)
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