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GAT 110 Final

Name the three core survival mechanisms that underlie all games. Combat, Racing, Cunning
Name two components that have been used for divination that have inspired families of games (Hint: see Evolution of Games handout). Dice, Tarot Cards
Name at least two civilization developments that allow the creation of more complex games. Literacy, Mathematics, Paper, Leisure or Priest Class
Name at least five game families (hint: chapter names in R.C. Bell Book). War, Position, Dice, Card, Race
What are the four primary elements of the game analysis model used for this class? Modes, Goals, Dynamics, Engagement
Name at least three modes of design. Mechanics, Components, Space Visual, Aural, Narrative
Identify the three types of objectives that a game may have within the analysis model. Explicit Goals, Implicit Goals, Emergent Goals
Name the three levels of player experiences that can be analyzed within the analysis model. Macro Dynamics, Micro Dynamics, Meta Dynamics
The psychological state that emerges from great play patterns is called what? Flow
Name at least five of the ten types of player engagement. Challenge, Accomplishment, Fellowship, Competition, Discovery, Fantasy, Drama, Expression, Creation, Sensation
Name 3 dice games. Can't Stop, Yahtzee, Liar's Dice, Shut the Box
What are the cubical dice made from the talus of hoofed animals commonly called? Knucklebones
What is a general rule for quickly determining the average roll of an N-sided die where N is an even number? (N / 2) + (1 / 2)
What is the common English name for Shahr-e Sūkhté, the Iranian city where the world’s oldest dice were discovered? Burnt City
What modern dexterity game evolved from the game of knucklebones? Jacks
An arrangement of r objects selected from a set of n objects where order matters is called what? Permutation
A set of r objects selected from a set of n objects where order does not matter is called what? Combination
Given two independent random events, one event where outcome A is a possibility and another where outcome B is a possibility, what is the name of the rule you would use to determine the probability of both A and B occurring? Multiplication Rule
What is the name of the rule you would use to determine the probability of outcome A or B occurring from a single random event? Addition Rule
If the number of times something is repeated becomes larger and larger, the proportion of success will tend to come closer and closer to the actual probability of success. This is called what? Law of Large Numbers
What backgammon precursor popular in the Arab world has rich symbolism with the 12 spaces on each side of the board for the months of the year, 30 pieces for the days of a month, and the sum of two sides of the die representing the 7 days of the week? Nard
What cross and circle game from Korea has pieces called MAL or horses? Nyout
Emperor Akbar played what race game with harem slaves acting as the pieces that moved as directed by the throws of the six cowrie shells? Pachisi
In the 1920’s, Sir Leonard Woolley discovered five boards of what game from Sumer that has distinctive rosette-patterned spaces? Royal Game of Ur
The Kiowa Indians in Oklahoma play this cross and circle game with runners and dice sticks. Zohn Ahl
Name this Aztec gambling race game. Patolli
Identify this game which is the pinnacle of the evolution of this game type from Nard. Backgammon
Identify this Pachisi descendant introduced to England in 1896. Ludo
Identify this game. (Picture of board with rose squares) The Royal Game of Ur
Name three descendants of Pachisi. Ludo, Parcheesi, Chopat, Sorry!
What game’s movement symbolizes souls drifting through the Egyptian world of the dead? Senet
What mystical race game from India was used for religious instruction and since R.H. Harte introduced it in 1893, is played on a square board with 100 squares? Snakes and Ladders
What is the English name of the game that Francesco de Medici gave to King Phillip II of Spain as a present? The Royal Game of the Goose
Name at least three games from the tables group of race games. Royal Game of Ur, Senet, Backgammon, Nardshir, Tabula, Fayles
What spiral race game published by W. & S. B. Ives in the US in 1843 was attributed to Anne Abbot, but was actually designed by George Fox and published in 1800 in London? The Mansion of Happiness
What two-player peg game with 58 holes on the board is of Egyptian origin? Hounds & Jackals
What is the name of the board that Chaturanga is played on? Ashtapada
Name 5 variants/derivatives of Chess. Shogi, Xiangqi, Gala (Farmer's Chess), Courier Game, Byzantine Chess
Morris and possibly Alquerque board carvings were found at what site in Egypt? Temple at Kurna
This ancient Egyptian game was mentioned in the Arabic work Kitab-al Aghani in 976 CE and carried by the Moors into Spain. Alquerque
Identify this game with a river and palaces. Xiangqi
Chess and Alquerque were carried into Spain by what culture? Moors
What is another name for English Draughts? Checkers
What Chinese game is similar to Stratego, but features animals and perfect information? Jungle
What war game patented in 1888 by Lewis Waterman is based on the earlier The Game of Annexation and is categorized as part of the draughts sub-type but has double-sided pieces with black on one side and white on the other? Reversi
What symmetrical Roman game (probable precursor to Seega) that uses the custodian method of capture is first mentioned in writings by Varro in the early 2nd Century and for which a stone board was found on Hadrian’s Wall? Ludus Latrunculorum
What is the oldest predecessor to Chess whose name means “quadripartite”? Chaturanga
What chess variant is the probable origin of the modern chess Bishop’s movement? Courier Game
Shogi is also known by what name? Japanese Chess
What Chinese game is the probable most recent ancestor to L’attaque, designed by Mdme. Hermance Edan in 1908? Luzhanqi
What Castilian monarch (1251-1284) was the author of Libro de los Juegos (The Book of Games)? Alfonso X
What two-player game originated in northern Europe in the 1300’s as a game with asymmetrical forces on a cross-shaped board, one side having a single piece and the other side having 13? Fox & Geese
What game invented c.1883 by George H. Monks and published by E.I. Horsman in 1885 was later reconfigured from a 16x16 square board to a 6-pointed star and published as Chinese Checkers? Halma
Pente is a variant of what game? Gomoku
Wei-ch'i is more commonly known as what? Go
Each time a player forms 3 in a row in this game, he removes an opponent’s piece. Name the game. Nine Men's Morris
What is the common name of Noughts and Crosses? Tic-tac-toe
What family of attrition games arose in Africa and whose name comes from the Arabic word for "to move"? Mancala
This game belongs to which family? (Picture of board with 2 large holes on opposite ends, and set of smaller holes in between) Mancala
What patience game is played on a traditional Fox & Geese board? Peg solitaire
What positional game published by Milton Bradley in 1974 was also published on the Microvision handheld game console? Connect Four
What are the mechanics of mancala sometimes called? Sowing or Count & Capture
What Victorian era game is the forerunner to both Keno and Bingo? Lotto
What was the name of the professor of Arabic at the University of Oxford who wrote two books in Latin about games – De Historia Shahiludii (1689) and De Historia Herdiludii (1694)? Thomas Hyde
What is the name of this game from China? Tangrams
What game invented in China possibly during the Eastern Zhou period (770-221 BCE) was introduced to the United States by Captain M. Donaldson in 1816? Tangrams
What was the original name of PopCap Games? Sexy Action Cool, LLC
What was the original name of Bejeweled? Diamond Mine
What video game inspired by polyominoes was a pack-in title for the original Gameboy? Tetris
What board game designed by the Swiss mathematician Blaise Müller in 1991 and played on a 4x4 game board is not unlike an advanced version of Noughts & Crosses? Quarto!
What is the name of the draw pile of dominoes? Woodpile or Boneyard
What game has seats named after winds? Mahjong
Dominoes were invented in what country? China
Name the two main sub-types of European domino games. Block Games, Draw Games
Identify the two suits of Chinese dominoes Civilian Suit, Military Suit
Dominoes first arrived in Europe during the 18th Century through what country? Italy
What is the name of the most common dominoes game played in the United States? Fools
Name a dominoes game in which each player has their own line of play. Mexican Train
What Chinese card game is an almost certain direct ancestor to Mahjong? Matiao
Vacor de Mexico is the world’s largest manufacturer of what? Marbles
What mechanism was used as a randomizer in Victorian Era board games? Teetotum
What is the name of the square arrangement of tiles that you draw from in Mah-Jongg? Kong Wall
What game renamed by J. Pressman Co. in 1928 was originally published by Ravensburger in 1892 as Stern-Halma? Chinese Checkers
What smaller offshoot of Shovelboard originally played with Edward IV groats traces back to at least 1522 when it was banned by Henry VIII? Shove Ha’penny
What game traces back to at least 1744 when it was mentioned in a children’s book as Chuck Farthing? Pitch Penny/Toad in the Hole
What family of ring tossing games originated in Ancient Greece? Quoits
What marble-based game was released by Atari in 1984? Marble Madness
What pitching game held its first world championship in 1910 in Bronson, Kansans? Horseshoes
What Italian lawn game evolved from bowling? Bocce
King Louis XI of France had the first known indoor version of what game? Billiards
What are the three main divisions of billiards games? Carom Billiards, Pool, Snooker
What group of games similar to billiards is played with the fingers and wooden disks? Carroms
What dexterity game originated in 12th Century China as a divinatory device before spreading to Korea, Japan, and the Haida Indians of British Columbia? Spellicans
What Milton Bradley dexterity game published in 1966 and popularized on The Tonight Show was patented by Charles Foley and Neil Rabens? Twister
What dexterity game’s name is derived from the Swahili word for “to build”? Jenga
What Victorian parlor game centers on reclaiming lost objects with the quote, “I have a thing and a very pretty thing, and who is the owner of this very pretty thing?” Forfeits
What card game designed by Sir John Suckling in 1625 evolved from the game Noddy and uses a peg board for scoring similar to Hounds & Jackals? Cribbage
The precursors of playing cards first appeared in western China during what Chinese Dynasty due to western China being cut off from the rest of China during the An Lushan Rebellion from 755-851 CE? Tang Dynasty
Cards in ancient China were called yezi or what more common English term for games played with them? Leaf Games
Coins, strings of coins, myriads of strings, and tens of myriads appeared as suits on what? Chinese Money Cards
What are these items called? (Picture of cards with array of dots on top and bottom of them) Domino Cards
What Turkish caste culture is the origin of modern European playing cards? Mamluks
English cards use what deck and suit composition that was formalized in 1480? French
Name at least three types of Card Outplay Games (broad categories, not specific games). Trick Taking, Beating, Climbing, Adding, Fishing, Matching
Name at least one type of Card Exchange Game (broad category, not a specific game). Draw and Discard/Rummy
What are the two main types of card Banking Games? Turn up and Face Count
Playing cards descended from tarot – True or False? False
How many cards are there in a standard tarot deck? 78
How many court cards are in a suit of a standard tarot deck? 4
The 21 supplemental tarot cards with allegorical illustrations are sometimes referred to as what? Major Arcana
What was the first trading card game? Magic the Gathering
What was the name of the first expansion for the first trading card game designed by Richard Garfield? Arabian Nights
What game was the first Deck Building Game, published by Rio Grande Games in 2008 that went on to win the Spiel des Jahres award? Dominion
What war game was first invented in 1811 by Lieutenant Georg Leopold von Reiswitz and his son in the Prussian army and was eventually published in 1824? Kriegsspiel
What war game published in 1913 is considered a companion book to Floor Games, published in 1911? Little Wars
What was the name of the first commercial wargame company and the first wargame board game publisher founded in 1954 by Charles S. Roberts? Avalon Hill
What influential board game designed by Francis Tresham in 1982 later became the basis for a landmark series of turn-based strategy games on the computer? Civilization
What UK company was founded by John Peake, Ian Livingstone, and Steve Jackson in 1975 and had their initial public offering on the London Stock Exchange in 1994? Games Workshop
What IP developed by Games Workshop as a successor to Reaper later became the basis for an MMO published in 2008 by Mythic Entertainment? Warhammer Fantasy
What set of medieval miniatures rules originally published by Guidon Games in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin influenced the subsequent development of Dungeons & Dragons? Chainmail
What was the final name of the game originally known as The Fantasy Game that was designed by Gary Gygax & Dave Arneson and published in 1974? Dungeons & Dragons
What trademark license built on top of the Open Game License did Wizards of the Coast release to the world in 2000 that resulted in an explosion of content for Dungeons & Dragons? D20
What company did Rick Loomis found in 1972 to manage the computer-moderated Play By Mail games he had started in 1970? Flying Buffalo, Inc.
Greg Stafford designed and published what RPG based on the Glorantha game world in 1978? RuneQuest
What company founded in 1975 published the Call of Cthulu, Pendragon, and Stormbringer roleplaying games? Chaosium
What was the first game by Steve Jackson published by Metagaming Concepts as a microgame in 1977 (hint: it was an asymmetric war game where one side had a single tank)? Ogre
The Fantasy Trip was the precursor to what roleplaying system published by Steve Jackson Games in 1986? GURPS or Generic Universal RolePlaying System
What vehicle combat simulation game did Steve Jackson Games publish in 1980? Car Wars
What company founded in 1980 published Middle Earth Roleplaying and Rolemaster? Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE)
What was the first roleplaying game in the World of Darkness product line that White Wolf published in 1991? Vampire: The Masquerade
What was the name of George Parker's first game, made in 1883? Banking
Name the three major dexterity games published by George Parker before 1903. Ping Pong, Pillow Dex, Tiddledy Winks
What was the name of the Parker Brothers line of jigsaw puzzles. Pastime Puzzles
What game did Edward Cayce, a self-proclaimed psychic sell to Parker Brothers in 1903? Pit
What game trademark did George Parker acquire from Joseph Babcock in 1923? Mah-Jongg
What automotive-themed game that eventually evolved into Mille Bornes was originally published in 1906 before Parker Brothers acquired it in 1928 and took it on to national success as "one of the largest-selling games ever published”? Touring
In 1935, Robert Barton decided to purchase a game from Charles Brace Darrow that had previously been rejected for having “fifty-two fundamental playing errors” that ended up saving Parker Brothers. What was the game? Monopoly
Monopoly was based on what earlier game by Elizabeth Magie Phillips that advocated the Single Tax Theory? The Landlord's Game
What was the original name of the man that appears as the primary mascot of Monopoly? Rich Uncle Pennybags
What “whodunit?” game designed by a government actuary named Anthony Pratt was published by Parker Brothers in 1949? Clue
What hit game with a “success formula” of fame, happiness and money was published by Parker Brothers in 1957 after being invented and published by Dr. James C. Brown in 1955? Careers
The game “La Conquete Du Monde” published by Miro Company in France and invented by the movie producer Albert Lamorisse (famous for The Red Balloon) was published in 1959 with some rules changes as what game of world domination? Risk
What game launched in 1963 by Parker Brothers and outsold Monopoly that year was a redesigned version of Parker Brothers’ Touring by Edmund Dujardin and published by Miro Company, which Parker Brothers had recently acquired a 40% stake in? Mille Bornes
What product did Parker Brothers acquire in 1967 that had been invented in 1890 and was the most expensive acquisition in company history at $975,000 in cash, which then went on to outsell Monopoly that year? Ouija Board
What company did Parker Brothers sell to in 1968? General Mills
What toy did Parker Brothers introduce to the market in 1970 that began life as an indoor volleyball game? Nerf
What painting auction game invented by Marvin Glass and Associates and published by Parker Brothers in 1971 was the subject of a law suit by Christian Thee who claimed that he had invented the game? Masterpiece
What popular 1978 toy released by Parker Brothers used a microprocessor made by Texas Instruments and contained 6 different games? Merlin
In 1981, Parker Brothers paid Sega a $500K advance to create an Atari cartridge port for what popular arcade game? Frogger
What was the first board game published in the United States in 1822 by F. & R. Lockwood? The Traveller’s Tour Through The United States
What company was the first mass market game publisher in the United States that published their first game, Dr. Busby, in 1843? W. & S. B. Ives Co.
What landmark morality game published in 1843 by the publisher of the earlier Dr. Busby was influential on George Parker and was later reprinted by Parker Brothers in 1894? The Mansion of Happiness
What company began publishing games in 1850 and was one of the most important publishers of board games in the United States until they were sold to Milton Bradley in 1920 after publishing over 145 games? McLoughlin Brothers
In 1860, Milton Bradley began publishing what landmark game after his lithograph of a beardless Abraham Lincoln began selling poorly when Abraham Lincoln grew a beard? The Checkered Game of Life
The Checkered Game of Life used what randomizer mechanism because dice were seen as sinful? Teetotum
Reuben Klamer created for Milton Bradley in 1960 what game as a redesign of an older game? Game of Life
What electronic memory game published by Milton Bradley in 1978 was Milton Bradley’s bestselling item by 1980? Simon
What company founded in 1867 and renamed to its modern name in 1880 was one of the most prolific publishers of board games in the United States with over 300 games published? Selchow & Righter
In 1986, after over 100 years of operation, Selchow & Righter was sold to what company who then went out of business 7 months later? Connecticut Leather Company, a.k.a. COLECO
Who were the Big Three board game publishers during the first half of the Golden Age of Board Games? Parker Brothers, Milton Bradley, Selchow & Righter
What firm purchased McLoughlin Brothers in 1920? Milton Bradley
What are the top two toy companies in the United States by market share? MATTEL, Hasbro
What two American game companies were the biggest influencers on the development of the Euro Game movement? 3M Games, Avalon Hill
Who were the two designers of 3M Games that most influenced later Euro Game designers? Sid Sackson and Alex Randolph
Identify at least one of the three main factors that drove the development of the Euro Game market. Spiel des Jahres, Essen Spiel convention in 1983, Cultural factors
Name at least three winners of the Spiel des Jahres prize. Dominion, Zooloretto, Manhattan, Ticket to Ride
What was the first winner of the Spiel des Jahres prize in 1979? Hare & Tortoise
Identify at least two of the top five American publishers of Euro Games. Mayfair Games, Fantasy Flight, Rio Grande Games, Days of Wonder, Z-Man Games
What game published in 1995 greatly expanded the reach and importance of the Spiel des Jahres and sparked a Euro Game invasion of the United States that has forever changed the board game hobby industry in this country with over 10 million copies sold? The Settlers of Catan
What is the oldest recorded harvest festival that dates from c.2170 BCE? Chinese Moon Festival
What types of games probably trace back to the origin of agrarian societies and the harvest festivals that were held? Carnival Games
What is the oldest recorded sports competition that dates back to 776 BCE and was won by Coroebus of Elis? Olympic Games
Between the years 1200 and 1400, there were no fewer than 4,860 of what chartered? Fairs
An Englishman by the name of John Bill Ricketts brought the first what to America in 1792? Traveling Circuses
What event is the origin of the modern carnival generally associated with? Chicago World’s Fair
What is the term for the main sideshow area in modern carnivals, circuses, and amusement parks? Midway
What are the two main divisions of carnival games? Games of chance, Games of skill
What is the name for the standardized version of a game derived from billiards during King Louis XIV’s reign that featured skittles fixed to a table with holes in the bed? Bagatelle
What type of game popular in Japan is similar to pinball that was the inspiration for Peggle? Pachinko
What pinball game released in 1992 was the best-selling pinball game of all time? The Addam’s Family
What game launched the modern pinball game industry, published in 1931 by David Gottlieb? Baffle Ball
What is the name of the last remaining major pinball manufacturer in the world? Stern Pinball, Inc.
What game was banned in New York City from 1942 to 1976? Pinball
The earliest gambling machines, based on Poker, did not have automatic payouts. The proprietor of the establishment would award a free cigar or drink when a winning combination hit. What were these types of machines called? Trade Stimulators
Who invented the first mechanical slot machine with automatic payouts in 1895 called the Liberty Bell? Charles Fey
What are the two main types of slot machines? Straight Slots, Progressive Slots
What is another name for the term “interactive fiction” (hint: not “IF”)? Text Adventure
What are the two most important games from the Early Era of interactive fiction (1975-1979)? Adventure, Zork
What are the two most important companies of the Commercial Era of interactive fiction (1979-1993)? Adventure International, Infocom
What employee of Bolt, Beranek and Newman on the ARPANET team created Adventure for his kids? Will Crowther
What PhD student at Stanford University found Adventure and decided to greatly expand it and, as a result, raised the game from relative obscurity to become a phenomenon on mainframe computers all over the world? Don Woods
What was the most important innovation of Zork? A parser that understood full English sentences
What is the first game by Adventure International (which many people consider the first game company) that was developed for the TRS-80 Model I personal computer. Adventureland
What are the two main components of a Z-Machine for running Infocom games? Game File, Z-Code Interpreter
What is at least one advantage of the Z-Machine architecture? Faster Development, Small Game Files, Platform Independence
Name at least two Infocom games. Zork I, Deadline, Planetfall, Infidel, Wishbringer
What was the first graphical adventure game released in 1980 by On-Line Systems? Mystery House
What graphic adventure released in 1984 by Sierra On-Line set new standards for graphics and animations and ultimately led to the end of the Commercial Era for interactive fiction? King’s Quest
Infocom was purchased in 1989 by what company after the failure of their database product, Cornerstone? Activision
What are the two main development systems of modern interactive fiction (no version number)? TADS, Inform
What game bundle released in 1992 rekindled interest in interactive fiction and kick started the Modern Era of interactive fiction? The Lost Treasures of Infocom
What are the two most notable series in the Early RPG era of computer RPGs? Ultima Series, Wizardry Series
What early computer RPG introduced the party system and 3D wireframe graphics? Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord
Name at least one D&D Gold Box game published by SSI. Pool of Radiance, Pools of Darkness, Champions of Krynn
What notable computer RPG published in 1983 published by Origin went on to spark the Japanese RPG market? Ultima III: Exodus
What game by Henk Rogers of Bullet-Proof Software published in 1983 introduced the concept of computer RPGs to the Japanese game market? The Black Onyx
What game by Yuji Horii of Enix led Japan’s reinvention of the RPG in 1986 and spawned 8 sequels? Dragon Quest
What game by Hironobu Sakaguchi of Square in 1987 was thematically darker than Enix’s game, but went on to spawn 13 sequels and numerous spin-offs? Final Fantasy
What game published in 1986 did Shigeru Miyamoto create with Takashi Tezuka that showcased a world of caves, waterfalls, forests, and artifacts? The Legend of Zelda
Roy Trubshaw created what online game after playing a variant of Zork in 1978 that he passed development of to Richard Bartle in 1980? MUD
In 1978, Alan E. Kleitz wrote a game called Milieu for a mainframe that he later ported to an IBM XT and renamed to what? Scepter of Goth
In 1985, Neil Newell started developing what game inspired by MUD1 that became a commercial game on the British Telecom’s Prestel and Micronet networks? SHADES
Name at least two of the four main MUD families. AberMUD, TinyMUD, LPMud, DikuMUD
In 1981, Kelton Flinn and John Taylor founded Kesmai to publish what six-player game? Dungeons of Kesmai
In 1999, Kesmai was purchased by what game company before being shut down in 2001? Electronic Arts
What game published in 1989 by Simutronics is the longest-running commercial MUD in the world? GemStone III
What does MUD stand for? Multi-User Dungeon
In 2010, Simutronics sold to Idea Fabrik what MMO game engine that had been developed for their own canceled Hero’s Journey MMO? HeroEngine
What test of gamer psychology based on a 1996 paper identifies what mix of four personality types that a player is: Achievers, Explorers, Socializers, or Killers? Bartle Test
What graphical adventure game developed in 1980 by Michael Toy and Glenn Wichman with procedurally generated ASCII dungeons went on to inspire a variety of clones and derivative games? Rogue
Name at least two notable BBS Door games. Trade Wars, Space Empire Elite, Legend of the Red Dragon, Planetary Conquest, Falcon’s Eye, Usurper
What landmark network game first developed in 1974 was hugely influential on the development of the RPG and FPS genres of games, introducing such innovations as first-person 3D perspective, player avatars, minimap, and spectator mode? Maze War
What online game developed for the PLATO computer system introduced the first guild system and party system with channel chat? Moria
What landmark online game released on AOL in 1991 by Stormfront Studios based on the D&D Gold Box engine was the first graphical MMO? Neverwinter Nights
What 1995 game was the first real-time 3D MMO, inspired by Scepter of Goth and designed by Archetype Interactive? Meridian 59
Silicon & Synapse was renamed after their sale to Davidson & Associates to what name? Blizzard Entertainment
John Smedley championed the creation of what hugely popular online game that began development in 1996 and released in 1999? EverQuest
Richard Garriott created what online roleplaying game that released in 1997? Ultima Online
What game released in 2004 took EverQuest’s place as the most popular online game with over 12 million players by creating an easier, more accessible game? World of Warcraft
What device was patented in 1947 by Thomas Goldsmith and Estle Mann but was never commercialized? Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device
In 1958, what scientist at Brookhaven National Laboratories invented a game that ran on an oscilloscope and was a precursor to Pong? William Higinbotham
In 1961, the Tech Model Railroad Club at MIT created what game for the PDP-1 which was influential on the earliest developments in the arcade and video game industry? Spacewar!
In 1971, Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney created what derivative version of the Tech Model Railroad Club’s game that was designed for the arcade? Computer Space
What company was originally founded in 1971 as Syzygy Engineering but changed its name in 1972 due to trademark issues before incorporating in that same year? Atari, Inc.
What was the first home console system published by Magnavox in 1972 based on Ralph Baer’s Brown Box prototype? Odyssey
What game did Nolan Bushnell assign to a new engineer, Al Alcorn, as a training exercise based on a game he had seen in the Magnavox home console, but was so good that he decided to publish as an arcade game? Pong
In 1974, Nolan Bushnell sold Atari Japan to the Japanese coin-op manufacturer and distributor, Nakamura Manufacturing founded in 1955, which later changed its name to what well-known arcade company in 1977? Namco
From 1973 to 1978, Atari operated what fake competitor that was actually a wholly owned subsidiary in order to open distribution channels that would normally require exclusivity? Kee Games
What retail company was the initial exclusive distributor for Home Pong? Sears
What company purchased Atari in 1976 to give the company the necessary capital to produce the Atari 2600? Warner Communications
Name at least one game that is rendered with vector graphics. Lunar Lander, Asteroids
What did Fairchild Semiconductor rename their Fairchild VES console to in 1977 after the launch of the Atari VCS? Fairchild Channel F
What was the first handheld console with interchangeable cartridges published by Milton Bradley in 1977? MicroVision
What console released in 1982 featured a near-perfect port of Donkey Kong as a pack-in title? Coleco Vision
What Second Generation console released in 1979 by Mattel Electronics was the first 16-bit console, first console with downloadable games, and also influenced the controller design for all subsequent consoles for the next 4 years? Intellivision
What console released in 1982 distributed by Milton Bradley was the only vector-based home console? Vectrex
What game released in 1978 by Taito launched the Golden Age of Arcade games? Space Invaders
What console system launched in the US in 1985 spelled the end of the Golden Age of Arcade games? Nintendo Entertainment System
What landmark arcade game launched in 1980 by Namco inspired a song by Buckner & Garcia? Pac-Man
Name at least two factors that caused the Video Game Crash of 1983? Console market fragmentation, Competition from home computers, Loss of publishing control, Bad games
What game designed by Shigeru Miyamoto and released in 1981 was placed in Radar Scope cabinets after Radar Scope’s commercial failure? Donkey Kong
What Sega console released in 1985 became the hardware basis for the Sega Game Gear in 1990? Sega Master System
What Fourth Generation console system designed by NEC and Hudson Soft was the first to have an optional CD module and was the smallest console ever made? TurboGrafx-16
What Sega console released in the US in 1989, but released a year earlier in Japan as the Sega Mega Drive? Sega Genesis
What SNK console system released to retail in 1991 was architected to be similar to the SNK arcade games of the time and was originally intended only for small businesses at the $650 price point? Neo Geo
What Fourth Generation 16-bit Nintendo system was only released in 1990 due to the erosion of Nintendo’s market share to other more modern consoles? SNES
What CD-ROM based Fifth Generation system was produced by Panasonic, Sanyo, and Goldstar which did not do well thanks to its $700 price tag? 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
What Atari console released in 1993 only sold 250,000 units worldwide? Atari Jaguar
What CD-ROM based Fifth Generation console started life as a proposed CD-ROM add-on for NES, but after Nintendo backed out of the deal was turned into a full standalone console. PlayStation
What was the last cartridge-based console developed by Nintendo that had Super Mario 64 as a launch game? Nintendo 64
What 1998 Sega console was the first to feature a built-in modem and internet browsing software? Sega Dreamcast
What is the all-time best selling console system released in 2000 and discontinued in 2013 with a library of more than 5000 games? PlayStation 2
What console released by Microsoft in 2001 featured the first built-in hard drive? Xbox
Name one of the three Seventh Generation consoles. Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 3
In 1991, Trip Hawkins left EA to form what EA-spinoff console manufacturer? 3DO
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