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Chp. 13

What was the group of Americans who supported the idea of sending African Americans back to Africa? American Colonization Society (ACS)
Benjamin Baneker wrote the ___. almanac
Who wrote an almanac? Benjamin Baneker
Where did the members of the ACS persuade thousands of slaves to go? Liberia
Who was the first AA novelist and playwright? William Wells Brown
Who was William Wells Brown? The first AA novelist and playwright
Where were most free AA located? The North
What did Lewis Temple invent? a harpoon for whaling
What kind of discrimination did northern and southern blacks face? Kept from voting and serving on juries, banned from schools in many states, forced to enjoy entertainment and luxuries in separate locations away from whites.
Who established a school for free blacks with math, literature, science, geography, zoology, reading, and writing? Daniel A. Payne
What were the effects of the cotton gin? Caused farmers to plant and harvest more cotton, created the northern cotton cloth industry, and protected the institution of slavery.
How many blacks were free in the south? 100,000
Explain the rise of cotton's influence in America. It provided a cheaper alternative to Egyptian cotton and could provide work year round for slaves; it boosted the southern economy and eventually contributed to the entire US economy.
Who invented the cotton gin? Eli Whitney
What did Eli Whitney invent? The cotton gin
Explain how slaves ate, what they wore, and how they lived. Diet: corn, pork fat, and molasses; also fish and veg. from their own gardens Clothing: overalls, cotton and woolen shirts, heavy work shoes, and a hat Living: small cabins with a fireplace for cooking and heating, most has earthen floors, open windows
What was known as the peculiar institution? slavery
How did southern whites try to justify slavery? They said it was vital to our economy; slaves lived better than free blacks or immigrants in cities, and were better fed and clothed than workers in northern factories.
Who were abolitionists? People opposed to slavery and believed in the idea of freedom for all.
What were some resources abolitionists used to argue their beliefs? The Declaration of Independence and their religious beliefs.
Who was the editor of Lundy's newspaper and founded the American Anti-Slavery Society? William Lloyd Garrison
William Lloyd Garrison wrote ___ ___. The Liberator
Who wrote The Liberator? William Lloyd Garrison
What is emancipation? freedom
Discuss Nat Turner's rebellion. Very religious man who murdered 57 people before being captured in VG; this led to the creation of stricter laws on blacks in the South from being educated.
Who was Paul Cuffe? Free black abolitionist who favored the return to Africa as a means of freedom from bondage.
Who was a former slave who became a conductor on the Underground Railroad who helped close to 300 people gain freedom from slavery? Harriet Tubman
What was the Underground Railroad? It was an informal organization that helped slaves make their way to Canada.
What were differences in the way southerners and northerners viewed slavery? Northerners thought it was sinful and unlawful and didn't want it to spread. Southerners wanted to take slaves into free territories and supported slavery.
What were the two states admitted into the Union directly and how did they do it? Texas and California; They met the population requirement.
What was the Wilmot Proviso? A failed proposal presented to prohibit slavery in any land gained from Mexico.
What was the failed proposal presented in 1848 to prohibit slavery in any land gained from Mexico? The Wilmot Proviso
What was the Compromise of 1850? The resolution that temporarily settled disputes between the North and South over slavery issues.
What was the Great Compromise? A plan made by Henry Clay to admit California as a free state, leave Utah and New Mexico to popular sovereignty, give Texas $10M to pay off debt, prohibit slave trade in DC, and pass a new Fugitive Slave Act.
Who was Millard Fillmore? The vice president that became president when Zachary Taylor died during his term as President.
What was the Free-Soil party? A political party who opposed popular sovereignty.
What was the Missouri Compromise? An act making Missouri a slave state and Maine a free state.
What was the act making Missouri a slave state and Maine a free state? The Missouri Compromise.
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