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Who was dictator of Germany during the war? Hitler
Who was the British Prime Minister during most of the war? Churchill
What term was made up by Mussolini to refer to Germany and Italy? Axis
What was the first nation to fall to the Blitzkrieg? Poland
In what town did France sign its surrender in a railroad car? Compiegne
Who was the U.S. president at the Yalta Conference? FDR
Who was known as the Fuhrer? Hitler
Who was head of the German secret police? Himmler
What country was the Lend-Lease Extended to because of Hitler's attack in 1941? Russia (USSR)
Who was responsible for solving what HItler called the "Jewish problem"? Himmler
Who was the American commander who left the Philippines? Douglas Macaurthor
At what conference did Roosevelt and Churchill give land in Asia to Russia? Yalta
What country was invaded on D-Day? France
Who ran for president in 1944 against Roosevelt? Thomas E. Dewey
Who became president of the U.S. upon the death of Roosevelt? Harry S Truman
On what city was the second atomic bomb dropped? Nagasaki
What dictator was killed by his own people? Mussolini
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