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SAHS US History


Who invented penicillin Alexander Fleming
Who invented the microwave Percy Spencer
Why were Japanese Leaders put on trial after WW II due to the harshness of their prisoner of war camps
Why were German leaders put on trial after the war for crimes against humanity
Name the 2 Japanese cities that the atomic bomb was dropped on and why Hiroshima (to get Japan to surrender) and Nagasaki (because they did not surrender after the first bomb)
What country was FDR from United States
Winston Churchill Great Britain
Joseph Stalin USSR
Adolf Hitler Germany
Benito Mussolini Italy
Hideki Tojo Japan
What was the Munich Pact and what impact did it have on WW II agreement that Germany would not invade any other country, but he invaded Poland
Who were the Allied Powers Great Britain, USA, France, and USSR
Who were the Axis Powers Germany, Italy, and Japan
Describe D-Day and its impact on WW II massive invasion by allied forces including the US on Normandy, turning the war in favor of the Allies. June 6 1944
Describe Pearl Harbor and its impact on WW II an unprovoked air assault from Japan on US base in Hawaii, many casualties and brought US into the war on December 7th 1941
Who were the big three why didn't they get along? Winston Churchill, FDR and Stalin, they did not get along because they had different agendas for post war world
Who was Rosie the Riveter the face of US propaganda to encourage women to go work in the factories during the war
Who were the Tuskegee Airmen an all black squadron of fighter pilots
Who were the Code Talkers 300 Native Americans worked for the Marines developed a code that the Japanese never could break
What impact did WW II have on the Great Depression brought the US out of depression by stimulating the economy, and got people back to work
What was the Manhattan Project the development of the atomic
How many times was FDR elected president 3 times
V-E Day Germany surrenders
V-J Day Japan surrenders
How was the British Royal Air force significant in the beginning or WW II the Air force kept Germany from invading Great Britain
What was significant about where Hitler forced France to sign the armistice in the beginning of WW II France was forced to sign the armistice in the same Train car that the Allies had forced Germany to sign the Armistice after WW I
Why did FDR want to get into WW II even before Pearl Harbor He knew how dangerous aggressive nations could be to the US, if they were not stopped
List advancements in medicine antibiotics, isolating blood plasma
List advancements in science the Atomic bomb, Radar, Microwave, Computer technology, Pipe lines, synthetic rubber
Created by: tbostwick