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10 - Aztec

Aztec 6th grade

What modern day country did the Aztecs settle in Mexico
The climate here is best described as tropical
Many geographers call this area _________ or Middle America Central
__________ are common here due to the rain & humid weather rainforests
Belief in many gods is called polytheism
The Aztecs believed ________ sacrifice would keep the gods happy human
A floating garden made from dirt chinampa
A chinampa was about the length of what sport field football
The most important crop of the Aztecs corn
Turquoise was a special color that could only be worn by the king
A tax that people paid in the form of crops or goods was called tribute
Colorful symbols and pictures that told stories on paper were called a codex
What country from Europe conquered the Aztecs Spain
Most people lived in ________ huts grass
Where did young boys learn to be warriors school
At the bottom of the Aztec civilization were these people who had no freedom slaves
Most Aztec were poor _________ who grew corn and owned no land farmers
The Aztec built their first city on an island in the middle of a lake
Another name for corn is maize
The lake they settled on was called Lake _______ Texcoco
The Aztec believed they received a sign from who about where to make their city gods
Another word for farming is agriculture
This person was in charge of the Aztec empire king
To give up or offer sacrifice
Offering your own blood to the gods bloodletting
disease that killed many Aztec smallpox
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