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U.S.History Vietnam People Politics Places F

In the Roe v Wade ruling, the Supreme Court: established the right of women to have an abortion, with some restrictions
Cesar Chavez formed the United Farm Workers to help Hispanic farm workers: gain better pay and working conditions
Those against the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment charged that the amendment would: prevent women from combat duty during wartime
Women who rejected Betty Freidan's ideas saw the idea as: an attack on traditional roles
The fastest-growing minority in the United States is: Asian American
Cesar Chavez helped instill in workers: a commitment to nonviolence as a means of achieving their goals
The demonstration at Wounded Knee in 1973: focused the nation's attention on the deplorable living conditions of Native Americans
Counterculture youth embraced a range of beliefs that broadly: rejected materialism
In the 1960's women earned about what percent of a man's salary for the same work? 60
The movement for women's rights begun in the 1960's became knows as: Women's Liberation
Created by: PLHShistory