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CH 24

Adobe Systems Invented postscript language, electronic typography, and underlying page layout. Became an electronic type foundry. Early type family was STONE named after sumner stone, type director.
apple computer Macintosh. 1st gen had 72 dpi and was b/w. mac 2 was color compatible.
april greiman LA designer. Designed issue of DESIGN QUARTERLY for WALKER ART CENTER. worked for emigre. took advantage of technology and worked by layering, taking images from vids, and tactile patterns. (naked woman 2x6ft)
barbara kuhr partnered with plunkett for WIRED
David carson Former pro surfer and school teacher. Ignored traditional design aspects and focused on expressive possibilities of spreads. Art director of RAY GUN. Sliced letters. type on type. huge text with reverseleading. controversial.totally aesthetic.
edward fella Detroit. Worked with Mccoy at Design and Partners before she went to Cranbrook. Cali teacher. Made flyers for DETROIT FOCUS GALLERY and the type reflected the art in the gallery (Challenging). Explored invented letterforms, glyphs, eccentric characters.
emigre Magazine created by RUDY VANDERLANDENS. Totally experimental magazine that printed 7,000 copies. Experimental in editorial design and presenting. Showed unpublished works of vanderlanden and other graphic designers. SAN FRANCISCO
erik spikerman Studied english at art hist. in Berlin. Designed FF Meta, FF Metaserif, ITC Officina, FF Govan, FF Ino, and more. He est. METADESIGN, largest german design firm. Founded FONTSHOP. Gerrit Noordzij Award. Board of directors at Microsoft. Nokia Font.
fred woodward Art director of TEXAS MONTHLY, REGARDIE'S, and ROLLING STONE. with anderson, matched type with image. borders. Large type and full page photo. unexpected scale, selection, and placement of type.
hatch showprint Founded by Herbert and Charles Hatch. One of the oldest running letterpress shops in the US. Hatch has designed posters for fairs, circuses, sports, comedy, etc. Associated with Nashville music
imaginary forces Launched by KYLE COOPER. MOTION GRAPHICS.
john plunkett WIRE'S design team with Barbara Kuhr. San Francisco publication. Met Louis Rossetto, founding publisher of WIRED mag. Plunkett wanted to use ink on paper to report fluid, nonlinear, electronic word. Became successful on web.
jonahthan hoefler Type designs for ROLLING STONE, HARPER'S BAZAAR, NYT, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED and ESQUIRE. Hoefler Type foundry and partnered with Tobias frere-Jones.
kit hinrichs STUDIO HINRICHS. California teacher. AIGA award winner.
katherine mccoy Co-chaired GD department at Michigan's Cranbrook Academy of Art. Cranbrook has broken bounds of design while rejected philosophy. Went from systematic to crazy Typographic Style movement. 24 years at school.
kyle cooper Launched IMAGINARY FORCES with Houghton and Frankfurt. Motion graphics. Film title design by integrating graphic design, motion, and interactive media.
michael bierut influenced by the International typographic movement. Partner of PENTAGRAM. Before that, vice pres. for VIGNELLI ASSOCIATES. German citizen, Austrian born. Studied under emil ruder at basel in switzerland. packaging in japan. written typographic essays.
paula scher known for typographic treatment. Paired with LISA STRAUSFELD on the design of BLOOMBERG LP HQ and did large scale type in building. Painted the NEW JERSEY. LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES CENTER FOR ARTS ED white then PLACED WORDS LIKE MUSIC, DRAMA.
postscript Invented by Adobe. Helped enable output of printers, stored graphic commands and data.
rudy vanderlans Created Emigre with 2 dutch friends. Used typewriter type and copier images. Very EXPERIMENTAL mag. Partnered with Zuzanna Licko to form EMIGRE GRAPHICS.
Tobias frere-jones Graduate of Rhode Island School of Design. Worked for FONT BUREAU INC. Teaches typography at YALE. First American to be awarded the Gerrit Noordzij prize for type ed.
Zuzanna Licko computer programmer who wanted more typefaces so she used FONT EDITOR to create more. Fonts were designed for low res but then eventually higher res.
Created by: Chelseagirl2508
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