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U.S.History Vietnam People Politics Places D

The 1973 Paris Peace Accords stated ALL of the following provisions EXCEPT: the removal of all Vietcong troops from South Vietnam
As a result of the 1954 Geneva Peace Accords, Vietnam was: divided into a northern Communist section and a southern free section
The length of a "tour of duty" in Vietnam for an American soldier was: 365 days
In fighting the war, American soldiers: judged their success by "body counts" and "kill ratios"
Fighting by small, independent bands, using tactis such as sabotage and sudden ambushes is called what? Guerrilla Warfare
This religious group in Vietnam who would set themselves on fire to protest the treatment of their people in Vietnam were: Buddist
All of the following were forms of deferments to get out of the draft during the Vietnam War EXCEPT: paid someone to go in your place
"Operation Rolling Thunder" was the code name for: American bombing raids on North Vietnam
Gasoline-jelled bombs, usually dropped along tree lines to protect U.S. soldiers from Vietcong attacks, were called: Napalm
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