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U.S.History Vietnam People Politics Places A

Movement that challenged many established values: music, fashion, and literature Counterculture
Idea that if one Southeastern Asian country fell to communism then they would all fall to communism Domino Effect Theory
Policy during the Nixon administration to reduce American troop involvement by delegating most of the ground fighting to the South Vietnamese troops Vietnamization
Classified Defense Department documents commissioned by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara in 1967 which detailed the many American blunders and misjudgments in Vietnam. Pentagon Papers
This French controlled Vietnamese city fell after a 56-day siege which effectively ended the French control of Indochina Dien Bien Phu
Created in December 1960, the North Vietnamese Communist party had organized its supporters in South Vietnam into this revolutionary organization. National Liberation Front
What was the chemical defoliant used to decrease the amount of jungle for the soldiers to go through? Agent Orange
In August 1969, 400,000 young people gathered in Bethel, New York, for this music festival despite torrential rain; people got "high" on music, sex, and drugs. Woodstock
What were the methods used by young men to legally avoid the draft? Deferments
What was the radical student group that led a crusade against the Vietnam War? Students for a Democratic Society
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