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Rome Vocab

omen signs believed to indicate the future
forum meeting place
social order social divisions according to wealth and other factors
gladiatorial games Roman games in which gladiators fought
triumph parade to welcome home a Roman hero
republic government in which citizens choose their leaders
patricians powerful upper-class citizens of ancient Rome
plebeians poor and lower-class citizens of Rome
consuls heads of the ancient Roman Republic; 2, elected for one year
veto refuse consent
tribunes roman officials elected to protect the lower class; 10, elected by plebeians, veto power
legions divisions of Roman soldiers
legionaries Roman soldiers
latifundias large Roman estates
publicans ancient Rome tax collectors
triumvirate group of three people who rule with equal power
dictator absolute ruler of a state
emperor ruler of an empire
census population count
tariffs taxes placed on goods entering one country from another
gladiator fighter in gladiatorial games
aqueduct a bridge-like structure used for carrying water over a distance
barter to exchange goods without using money
inflation period when prices go up and money value goes down
rule by divine right rule based on the theory that a monarch's right to rule comes from God
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