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Social Studies Vocab


Primary Source A firsthand or eyewitness account of an event
Secondary Source Any document that describes an event, person, place, or thing, not written from someone living during the time period
Culture Characteristic of civilization like beliefs and behaviors of a group of people
Barter To trade one good for another
Topography The surface features of the land like mountains or deserts
Cultural Diffusion The spread and sharing of beliefs and behaviors between different groups of people
Oligarchy A government where a few people rule
Polytheism Belief in multiple gods
Monarchy A government ruled by one person and the power is inherited
Tyranny A government ruled by one person and the power is taken over by force
Democracy A government where power is shared by citizens
Aristocrat Wealthy, powerful men who advise the king in Greece
City-State An early city that was like a small county with government and laws
Empire A large territory where different groups of people are ruled by a single leader
Legacy Something you are remembered for long after you are gone
Analyze To take or brake apart to find the reason something or someone doesn't work
Republic A form of government with elected leaders
Veto To refuse to approve bills proposed by the legislative branch
Monotheism The belief in a single god
Impede To stop movement or progress with obstacles
Emerging To come into existence or to develop
Feudalism Economic and government system where people are bound to one another by promise of loyalty
Persecute Cause a person or group to suffer because of his or her beliefs
Interdependence Relying on others for certain needs
Crusades Religious wars for control of the Jerusalem and the Holy Land
Clergy Religious leaders like priests
Heretic A person who has different religious beliefs than the church
Magna Carta
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