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Immigration when people move from one country to another
Migration when people move from one place and create a home in a new place
Diverse different, not the same
Indentured servant a person who works for a master for a period of time, the become free after the service period is complete
Plantation a very large farm whose workers are usually slaves
Oppresion being mistreated because of your appearance or beliefs
Mission a building where people work to spread their religion
Missionarie people who travel to new areas to spread their religion
Mercantilism an economic philosophy that a country should trade goods for gold
Colonize to create new settlements in a different part of the world
Tariff a tax on goods imported from another country
Boycott a peaceful protest where people refuse to buy goods from a certain source
Militia a small army made up of ordinary citizens who fight in an emergency
Repeal to take back or cancel a law
Petition a formal written request for change signed by the citizens
Assembly an elected group of law makers
Parliament the law making body of England
Treaty a formal agreement between countries
Enlightenment 18th century philosophy that man should use science and reason to solve problems
Tyranny the unjust use of government power
Analyze to take or break apart to find the reason of something or someone works
Primary Source a firsthand or eyewitness account of an event
Secondary Source any document that describes an event, person, place or thing, not written from someone living during the time period
Ratify to approve a document so it can go into effect
Federalism constitutional system the divides power between national and state governments
Constitution a written plan the provides the basic framework of a governemt
Bicameral two house legislative body (HOR and Senate)
Amendment a change to the constitution
Checks and balances a system that allows each branch to limit the power of other branches of governemtn
Impeach to accuse a federal office of crimes
Veto to stop a bill from becoming a law
Diplomacy talking with other countries to solve probelms
Nullify states can refuse to follow laws they believe they are uncontitutional
Sedition to encourage rebellions against the government
Territory land that is controlled by a country and can become a state
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