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Chapter 12 SS review

The 1828 tax on imported goods mainly benefited the North.
Andrew Jackson believed that the federal government should have authority over the states.
Maine joined the United States as a free state to balance Missouri, a slave state.
Which man was known as the Great Compromiser? Henry Clay
Dred Scott argued that he should be free because he had once lived in a free state.
Uncle Tom's Cabin was a best-selling novel that opposed slavery.
The Civil War began when- Confederate troops fired on Fort Sumter.
The Union's first plan for defeating the South- blocked goods from going into and out of Southern ports.
The Emancipation Proclamation- freed slaves in those parts of the South that were still fighting against the Union.
The Battle of Gettysburg was a turning point in the Civil War because- the weakened Southern army could no longer try to invade the North.
The Missouri Compromise kept balance between slave and free states.
Sectionalism is regional loyalty.
A tariff is a tax on imported goods.
The Dred Scott decision ruled that slavery was legal.
Emancipation means the freeing of the slaves.
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