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Chapter 5 test

Q-What was the Penobscot expedition? The American force sent to attack the British at fort George.
Why did they want the Indians off the land? They believed they had too much land
Q- What was the triangle trade? Rum form New England, to the west coast of Africa where rum was traded for slaves. The slaves were traded for molasses (liquid sugar for rum) from the West Indies, and back to New England.
What two trees from Maine were good for ship building and masts? Oak and white Pine
What connections or cities did the Dutch, Germans.
What side did the Wabanaki tribe fight on? Both
What did samuel Waldo do? Built the first paper mill in maine at Falmouth.
What is culture? What people think, make, and do.
What was Maine to Massachusetts? A province
Province? Part of another nation or colony.
Political history? Teaches us how people set up their government and passed laws for their communities.
Cultural history? Teaches us about the cultue of people in the past.
Indentured servants? Peoples whose passage to America was paid for in return for several years of labor.
Adult servants worked about how long? Up to seven years.
Tenants? A farmer who grew crops on land he rented from wealthy land owners
What did the men and older boys do during the day? Cut down trees, farmed, and later hunted.
What did girls and women do during the day? Cook, made clothes, took care of the kids, and were the doctors of the communities
Apprentice People who were taught by major craftsman to work and trade.
Ethnic history? Teaches us about the different people who lived in the certain area.
`Parliament? The legislative body of England.
White Pine or king’s mast law-
Navigation Act-
What were the reactions to England laws? Agreed- Navigation act (helped shipbuilding industry) Ignored- Molasses act (smuggled the molasses anyway) Ignored- Kings mast law (cut trees down before
Q- What is mercantilism? 6. Q- 7. Q- 8. Q- 9. Q- 10. Q- 11. Q- 76 12. Q- 13. Q- 14. Q- 15. Q- 16. Q- What were the colonists who supported Great Britain called besides loyalists? Tories. 18. Q- What was the second T An economic theory in which a country tries to accumulate wealth in precious metals to build its economy.
What was the first treaty of paris?
Created by: leahdickman