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Crull's L.A. Vocab

Latin America Vocabulary

interdependent relying upon one another
conquistador Spanish soldier-explorer
aqueduct channel than moves water over a long distance
maize corn
mestizo a person of mixed Spanish and Native American ancestry
criollos colonial Mexican of Spanish descent who was born in Mexico
peninsulares colonial Mexican who came to Mexico from Spain
deforestation the loss of forest cover in a region that results from the trees in a forest being destroyed faster than they can grow back
isthmus strip of land with water on both sides, which connects two larger bodies of land
encomienda legal system to control Native Americans in Spains's American colonies
hacienda huge farm or ranch in Spain's America colonies
Llanos lowland plains in Colombia & Venezuela
terraced farming sculpting the hillsides into different levels for crops
caudillo chief or dictator
paramilitary armed forces that are unauthorized by the government
nationalize when the government takes over private businesses
insurgent rebel
guerillas soldiers who make surprise raids on the enemy
El Nino the warming of ocean water along the west coast of Peru that affects climate in the Americas
vertical climate zones climate zones that change according to elevation
mestizo children of mixed race - Spanish & Indigenous people
land reform redistributing land to others, usually to lower income people
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