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Egypt Sc 1-3

what are 3 natural barriers that protected egypt The Nile River cataracts, delta marshes and the Sahara desert
Anubis the jakel headed god of mummification
Ra/Re The sun god
Osiris the god of the dead
achievements of Narmer first pharaoh,united the 2 kingdoms and founded the first capital
achievements of Kufu built the largest tomb and temple ever and interested the later world in architecture
achievements of Ahmose Liberated his country, expanded Egypt's territories and gave Egypt financial security
achievements of Hasshepsut stabilized government, improved trade and maintained stability and power
Thutmose 3 captured 350 cities and made 17 military campains
Akhenton promoted a monotheistic religion {1 god} and moved the capital
Tutankhamen had a grand tomb that was the only one that had the treasures intact for they were not looted which interested people in Egypt
Ramses 2 had many construction projects and took back the territory that Egypt had lost
What is the Rosetta stone A stone with the same story carved into it in Greek, demotic and hieroglyphics. This stone helped people decode hieroglyphics
what is the book of the dead a manuscript containing spells and prayers to help achieve life after death
what were the pyramids and the valley of the kings used for to hold the bodies of dead pharaohs
what did the sphinx represent it was watching over the pyrimids
3 mathematical accomplishments 1. base ten system, 2. fractions , 3.using fractions in equatons
in the old kingdom... the pyramids of Giza were built, the 365 day and 12 month calendar were made and many mathematical discoveries were made
in the middle kingdom... egypt took over Nubia, the valley of the kings were built and stability and prosperity were restored
in the new kingdom... Egypt added a lot of land, there was a lot of wealth because of trading and many temples were built
why is lower Egypt above Upper Egypt because the nile runs south to north
Imensity had a _____ head and protected the _____ human liver
Qebehsenuf had a ____ head and protected the _____ falcon intestines
hapi had a ____ head and protected the ____ baboon lungs
dumatef had the head of a ____ and protected the______ jakal stomach
Catarct an area of rough waters
dynasty a line of rulers from a family
mummy a dead body that went through embalming and the mummification process
delta "branches" of a river
pharaoh an Egyptian king
pyramid a grand structure mainly used to hold the bodies of pharaohs
papyrus a plant mainly used for papermaking
deity gods and goddeses
hieroglyphics the Egyptians writing system consisting of picture symbols
embalming the process a body would go through to be a mummy
Created by: Pennykitty