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US History, CH12

Age of Reform

Name the religious movement that had a big impact on reform. Second Great Awakening
What is the difference between temperance and prohibition? Temperance dealt with moderation in booze intake. Prohibition was getting rid of it all together.
Who was Horace Mann? Leader of education reform
Who was Dorothea Dix? Leader in the prison reform movement.
Describe what is meant by a Utopian Community. Communities that tried to create perfect societies.
What would an abolitionist want to get rid of? Slavery
What was Liberia? Colony in Africa where freed slaves could migrate to. By 1830, however, only 1,400 had done so. It was deemed unsuccessful.
Who founded the abolitionist newspaper "The Liberator?" William Lloyd Garrison
Why was Frederick Douglass famous? Name some of his accomplishments. Fugitive slave. Taught himself how to read and write. Important abolitionist speaker, writer, and leader. Founded The North Star.
What was the Underground Railroad? System to help free slaves
Who was known as the "Black Moses?" Harriet Tubman
What was a "station" in the Underground Railroad? A safe stopping point on the journey to freedom.
Why would some northerners oppose abolition? Their dependence on cotton produced by slave labor or bigotry.
What document was the Declaration of Sentiments modeled after? The Declaration of Independence
What movement was most related to the Seneca Falls Convention? Women's Rights Movement
When would women gain the right to vote in America? 19th Amendment, 1920
Who was the author of, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow?" Washington Irving
This artistic movement's goal was to explore the relationship between humans and nature through emotion rather than reason. What was it called? Transcendentalism
Who wrote, "Moby-Dick?" Herman Melville
What was the first college for women in the US called? Mount Holyoke
What is meant by Women's Suffrage? Women being able to vote.
What was the first state to ban slavery in their constitution? Ohio
Explain the doctrine of free will. People's actions determined their salvation.
What is a revival? A huge outdoor religious meeting.
Explain Jacksonian Democracy. The expansion of democracy in the Age of Jackson that will encourage reform.
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