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Australia geo & econ

Unit 11

What is the capital of Australia? Canberra
What is the Outback? The large desert region in Australia
What region takes up 85 % of Australia's land? The Outback
Why do most Australians live on the eastern coast? Access to rivers and good climate
What are in indigenous people in Australia called? The Aborigines
How did this group survive before being assimilated to British culture? Hunting/gathering and trade
Why was Australia colonized by the British? The British used Australia as a Penal colony
What were some examples of discrimination against the Aborigines prior to 1967? The laws Limited where Aborigines could live and work; The British took mixed-race children from their homes to be raised in European families
What is the Great Barrier Reef? Largest coral reef in the world
What is a monolith? A single, large rock sticking out of the earth
What is the name of the monolith found in Australia? Uluru or Ayers Rock
Who found Uluru to be sacred? The Aborigines
What type of artwork can be found on Uluru? Cave paintings
What two forms of art are associated with the Aborigines? Dot paintings and totems
What percentage of people in Australia today are Aborigines? 2.5%
What is most of Australia's east coast used for? Manufacturing and trade
Where is most industry and agriculture located in Australia? Coastal areas
What type of farming is located in the eastern region of Australia? Commercial farming
What types of ranching are found mainly on the grasslands? Sheep & cattle
How are the seasons different in Australia from the US? They are opposite from the U.S.: Summer is December-March, Winter is June-September
What economic activity is important in the Outback? Mining
Who claimed Australia for England? James Cook
Why did many immigrants move to South Australia in the mid-19th century? Gold Rush
In what year was the country of Australia officially created? 1901
How did European settlement of Australia affect its language and religion? Introduced English and Christianity
On what economic system is Australia's economy based? What % is free and what percentage is command? Market economy: It's still MIXED but it is 81 % free and 19% command
What are two examples of investment in human capital in Australia? Outstanding education system and government-provided health care
What are the four main exports of Australia based on natural resources? minerals, wool, wheat, meat products
Where is most of the mining located in Australia? Western Australia
How much of the world's wool does Australia produce? 1/4
What currency does Australia use? The Australian dollar
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