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World War II

World War II and Holocaust Unit Test

What countries belonged to the Axis Powers? Germany, Italy, Russia (beginning, then joined Allies)
Name the 4 causes from WWI that led to WWII Countries unsatisfied with terms of Treaty of Versailles,Germany complained they were treated too harshly after WWI,Italy complained they were not given enough territory for helping in the war, US never signed Treaty of Versailles or joined League of Nati
What were some lasting effects of the Great Depression? World wide – mass unemployment which led to fear and unrest in Germany, Italy & Japan. People looked for new leaders.
What is Totalitarianism? Single party and leader suppresses all opposition (Hitler of Germany)
What is Facism? Extreme feelings of nationalism and racism (Mussolini of Italy)
What is Appeasement? Giving in to avoid war. Britain and France agreed to at Munich Conference – gave into Germany so Hitler promised not to take any more countries.
Non-aggression Pact Germany & Russia agreed not to attack each other.
Lend-Lease Act Allowed Americans to sell, lend or lease arms or other war supplies to Allied nations vital to defense of US.
Aryan Hitler’s superior race that he believed was destined to rule over others (German blood, German-speaking, blond-hair, blue eyes).
What form of government did Hitler dislike? Democracy
Ration Booklets Had coupons needed to buy foods that were in short supply during war (coffee, sugar, butter, gasoline, etc.). *this helped war effort and was issued BY LAW!!
Why did more women work during WWII? Demand for women workers increased to make war supplies & take over jobs of men fighting in war
Racism during War With African-Americans during the War – race riots broke out over jobs.
Japanese Internment After bombing Pearl Harbor, Executive Order 9066 – put Japanese in internment camps for 3 years during war. Lost freedom, homes, businesses, etc. After war released & had to start over.
Apology & compensation for Japanese Internees 1988 (45 years later…..) Congress passed a bill that apologized to Japanese internees and provided payment of $20,000 to survivors.
D-Day Name for largest ally invasion off coast of Normandy, France. Purpose was to liberate France and push the Germans out.
Alternate idea for Jews prior to concentration camps Sent them to Poland and Russia
Arbeit Macht Frei Work will set you free (motto on the iron gate entering Auschwitz) – This is the lie the Nazis told the Jews – work actually killed them.
Hitler Youth Children were required to join this organization where they would be taught Hitler’s ideas.
Where did the fighting take place for WWII? In Europe, Pacific Islands, North Africa
Manhattan Project Code-name for the project to develop the atomic bomb, led by Albert Einstein
Hiroshima & Nagasaki – Hiroshima – 1st atomic bomb dropped 8/6/45 – called “Little Boy” Nagasaki – 2nd atomic bomb dropped 3 days later – called “Fat Man”
Bataan Death March Japanese forced American & Filipino P.O.W. troops to march 60 miles to camps after invading Philippines.
Italy and the overthrow of Mussolini The Italians overthrew Mussolini and imprisoned him b/c they didn’t agree with him anymore. The Italian government then surrendered to the Allies
Yalta Conference The “Big Three” met (Roosevelt of U.S., Stalin of U.S.S.R, Churchill of Great Britain) to discuss how to end the war and what to do about Europe after the war.
Which country had the most casualties? Russia
Which country had the least casualties? Italy
Marshall Plan Gave $13 billion to help get nations of Europe back on feet after war
G.I. Bill of Rights provided educational & economic aid to veterans after WWII – paid them to go to school & gave them allowance.
War Crime crime against humanity during war
Nuremberg Trials trial against Germans who committed war crimes – upheld idea that people are responsible for actions even in war
United Nations Peace keeping body of 50 nations created in 1945 (April) – replaced League of Nations
Israel after WWII was created by the United Nations as a home for Jews in 1947
Long-term effects of WWII US became a superpower
Created by: chetjenn
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