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Chapter 28 and 29

Sultanate state ruled by a sultan
Nonaligned nation nation that adopted neutrality during the Cold War
Subcontinent large landmass forming a distinct part of a continent
Alluvial plain Deposits rich silt in flat areas
Monsoon winds that blow dry air from the northeast during the winter and carry moisture from the southeast in the summer
Nationalism pride in ones nation
Nonviolent resistance opposing an enemy or oppressor by any means other than violence
Boycott refuse to purchase or use
Partition divide into parts
Reincarnation belief that the souls of human beings and animals go through a series of births, deaths and rebirths
Caste system social hierarchy in which people are born into a particular group that has been given a distinct rank in society
Charpoy wooden bed frame with knotted string in place of a mattress
Sari brightly colored cloth is draped over the body like a long dress
Purdah began among Muslims but is followed by Hindus as well
Joint Family System house hold includes uncles and other relatives
Cottage industries make goods in their own homes, using their own tools and machines
Hydroelectric power electricity produced by the movement of water
Irrigate supply it with water
Embankment Dam wall of soil and rock build to hold back water
Buffer state country separating opposing powers
Malnutrition lack of food or an unbalanced diet
Deforestation cut down for farming and development
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