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Chp. 12

Manifest Destiny

People moved west to search for ___ to make hats to sell. beavers
___ were some of the first to explore and map the Rocky Mountains. Mountain men
Americans traded with Mexicans on the ___ ___ Trail. Santa Fe
Pioneers traveled down the ___ Trail and were helped by the Indians. Oregon
The US Gov. protected the traders on the Oregon Trail by sending ___ to keep Indians away. troops
The Mormon religion was founded by ___ ___ in NY. Joseph Smith
Practice of having more than one wife or husband. polygamy
Texans ignored the Mexican's ___ law. slavery
Mexican's president during their "civil war". Santa Anna
In which battle did all of the Americans die? The Alamo
___ ___ led the Mexican forces during the Battle of San Jacinto. Sam Houston
Belief popular in the 1840s that the obvious future role of the US was to extend it boundaries to the Pacific Ocean. Manifest Destiny
___ controls AZ, NV, NM, and CA when the war begins. Mexico
___ did not support the Mexican-American war. Whigs
The Treaty of Guadalupe increased the US by __%. 25%
People traveled west in ___. wagons
The pioneers west faced: shortage of food, supplies, and water; rough weather; and wild animals
Mormons lived in ___. Utah
___ ___ started the TX colony. Steven Houston
The US Gov. paid ___ to Mexico for AR and NM (Gadsden Purchase) $10 million
Bear Flag Revolt: Americans debate ___ an independent nation. CA
Who faced legal, economic, and social discrimination? Mexicans, Mexican Americans, and Native Americans
Most Americans didn't welcome the ___ immigrants. Chinese
___ ___ discovered gold. James Marshall
Mountain Men survived the mountains by: trapping animals, adopting NA customs and clothing, and often married NA women.
Andrew Jackson was against getting Texas as a state because: It would have made the slave state: non slave state ration unbalanced.
What happened to the ( ) party? After taking a shortcut, they got lost and spent many months stuck in the woods in the winter. They ran out of food and started dying off. The living people at the dead. A man was found with gallons of blood beside him.
Describe Levi Strauss. He made strong pants for gold miners. He was Jewish and from Germany. His jeans are still worn today.
Describe CA's economy. farming, ranching, and goldmining
Created by: rachelebrady