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Unit 11 Study Guide

How did New Deal programs improve the lives of Texans during the Great Depression? Thousands were employed to build roads and bridges.
With the arrival in Texas of new military facilities, naval and aircraft production, ammunition plants, and petroleum plants they were all direct results of _______________ ______________. international conflict
All of the following are characteristics of Texas during the Great Depression EXCEPT ___________ _____. internment camps
How did the Dust Bowl impact Texas society? Some North Texas farmers moved west to California.
What was the first event to begin before the New Deal, before the Dust Bowl, and before World War II? The Great Depression
Which of the following was NOT an economic effect of World War II on Texas? Ethnic groups pressed for civil rights.
________ storms affected a large part of ________. Dust; Texas
How did the Dust Bowl affect economic development in Texas? Many farms were lost to banks.
As a result of the dust storms states _______ of the Dust Bowl were ________. outside; affected
How did Texas act to manage problems arising from the Dust Bowl in the 1930s? planted new trees and vegetation to prevent erosion.
________ was a highly decorated and famous soldier from Texas. Through Life magazine's July 16, 1945 issue, he became one of the most famous soldiers of World War II. Who is being described in the excerpt above? Audie Murphy
________ was a highly decorated and famous soldier from Texas. Through Life magazine's July 16, 1945 issue, he became one of the most famous soldiers of World War II. This excerpt is likely which type of source? A secondary source similar to an encyclopedia.
I served in the Texas House of Representatives, served as the Speaker of the House for the U.S. House of Representatives, and served as vice-president during Franklin Roosevelt's first two terms. Who am I? John Nance Garner
How did supply and demand affect the economy of Texas during the 1930s? Overproduction lead to price decreases.
Why were many military bases during World War II built in Texas? Texas had a moderate climate and large expanses of land.
Fewer people worked in _______ Texas in the 1940s. rural
Which conclusion accurately describes the change in cotton production in Texas during the 1930s and 1940s? Fewer acres were planted for cotton.
Excerpt I am sure that the first ambition in your minds will be to give your patriotic cooperation to President Roosevelt and the National Government in solving the many serious problems with which you will be compelled to consider. Excerpt His task has only in part been yet realized and it will require the unified help and desire of every State in the Union and every Legislature of the States to bring about the final achievement of those reforms necessary to finally result in
Excerpt National recovery to the extent of prosperity of our people. - Governor Miriam A. "Ma" Ferguson Which bias of Governor Ferguson does the excerpt reveal? She is a supporter of President Roosevelt's reform policies.
Created by: sasmith3