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Ch 22-23

Ch 21-22

April Greiman Studio in LA after studying with Weingart and Hofmann in Basel. She went a new direction with color and photography. Plays with space and depth. red b/w china poster with circle. Work is tactile but moved to photo illustration. (crazy white room w/ women)
Charles Spencer Anderson Designed nostalgic revivals from the first half of the century. Was part of the Duffy Design group but left to create the Charles S. Anderson Design Co. Was inspired by old ads and designs in his HT Boone, Iowa.
Chip Kidd Book jacket designer. Designed the blue and yellow turn of the century book jacket. Engaged the viewer to "finish" the design by tightening the title so much.
Colin Forbes Launched a studio with Alan Fletcher and Bob Gill. Gill left and Theo Crosby joined to which they finally named the studio PENTAGRAM.
Dan Friedmann American who was influenced by Weingart. Ulm institute. Rethought typographic elements and how they interacted in space. TYPOGRAFISCHE MONATSBLATTER mag cover. Taught at YALE. taught aesthetic and functionality in type.rejected postmodernism. Dans assgnmt
Early Swiss Postmodern Design A movement that expanded neutral and objective typography. Playful, unexpected, and random. Rosemary Tissi was one to experiment and expand the use of text to this style.
Eeperimental Jetset Dutch studio in Amsterdam founded by Mrieke Stolk, Brinkers, and Dungen. They were inspired by Wim Crouwel and Wissing and consider modernism their "mother tongue". They try to blend modern with internation post-punk tendencies. B/W CRCLE CRPPED LTTRS.
Gert Dunbar Founded Studio Dumbar. The studio had no real leader and designers were free to express themselves. Had a lot of different work. Worked in paper mache and collage. Dutch
Memphis and San Francisco Schools New movement in postmodern design. Texture, pattern, color, surface, and playful geometry. Form no longer follows function. Very decorative.
Michael Vanderbyl influenced by Sanfran postmodern design.He and 2 others built the medium.Forged the BAY AREA POST MODERN MOVEMENT.Conveyed optimism and humor in designs. GREEN BG ORANGE PROFILE RADIO WAVE POSTER. Promo mail for Simpson Paper Co. structural but creative.
Neville Brody Designed album covers for rock music and art-directed magazines like FACE and ARENA in London. Retro Designer reinventing past styles. His work had deep meaning in the symbols he used and he created many sans serif typefaces for FACE.
New Wave Typography Began in Basel, Switzerland through Wolfgang. Includes Rosemary Tissi, Dan Friedmann, April Greimann, and weingart.
Pentagram Studio that had Fletcher, Forbes, and Gill. The studio was named after them until Gill left and Crosby joined. They decided to call the studio PENTAGRAM. Good at coming up with design solutions. Did fun package with GRAPHIS 119 on it. Started in Lndn.
Postmodern Design Movement after modernism. Also called the international style.Broke the boundaries of grids and design disciplines. Went for an aesthetic feeling.
Retro and Vernacular Design Movement based on historical revival that started in NY. Based on European design. Artistic expression and contrary to the usual while reflecting historical design principles. Paula Scher. Retro thrived in book jacket design.
Rosemarie Tissi Lutz and Co. Did that b/w piece that had randomly placed (papers) incomplete squares. Her style was playful, had impact, and was an unexpected manipulation of space to solve design problems. Designed the falling blue/yellow text for the cover of GRAPHISmg
Stefan Sagmeister Austrian who went to University of Applied Arts in Vienna and Pratt, Ny. Creative designer for the Leo Burnett advertising agency. He went to NY to found Sagmeister, Inc. Designed for rolling stones, aerosmith, lou reed. Bluish writing on face poster.M&Co
Studio Dumbar Collabed with TD for PTT to make postage stamps, and company designs.New identity for PTT. No leader. Founded by Gert Dumbar in The Hague and then Rotterdam. Rejected dehumanized froms and accepted fun designs that survive beyond their time.
Supergraphics or supermannerism. Bold, geometric shapes of bright color, giant helvetica, warping walls, bending corners. Livened dismal architecture. Founded by Gert Dumbar.
Tadanori Yokoo black outlines around photomechanical color. used collage to create ads. Work was busy to simple and mystical.
Takenobu Igarashi Studied in Cali. Came back and noticed studying abroad wasn't big so he started his own design office. He did corporate identity, environmental, and product design. Created an isometric alphabet. Designed Igarashi Poster Calendar for 10 years. 95% ona grd
Tibor Kalman worked for Barne's and Noble design firm. creative director of INTERVIEW mag. Became founding editor of COLORS mag. Changed MJ to white and ppl as diff races. Worked for M&Co.
Wim Crouwel dutch designer grouped with frisco kramer and benno wissing to create a firm called TOTAL DESIGN. Wim established TD's philosophy in design. He believed in simple minimalism while achieving an aesthetic feel. Taught design and then students would join TD
Wolfgang Weingart Studied at Basel with Emil Ruder. Part of new-wave typography. Questioned the rules of formal, clean type and pushed the boundaries. Moved from type to collage. Used film. Made poster for DAS SCHWEIZAR PLAKAT. Taught in USA and influenced many designers.
Yusaka Kamekura "BOSS" in design circles. Was an architect then an art director of many Japanese mags. Founded Japan Advertising Arts Club. (brown book cover with white ripped ppr and red text.
Created by: Chelseagirl2508
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