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US His 15

The CIA lead Cuban rebels to attack Cuba Bay of Pigs Invasion
Visible physical symbol of Germany's political division Berlin Wall
What did Kennedy and Khrushchev develop to communicate with each other? Hot line
Volunteers that assisted developing countries worldwide Peace Corps
Policy advocated by Kennedy to prepare the US for any size or type of military threatrelying on traditional and specialized units Flexible response
Promoted economic assistance to Latin America Alliance for Progress
Kennedy encourages more funding for this through his military policies Special Forces
Outcome of Alliance for Progress No improvement in relations between South American and the US
The Bay of Pigs invasion was an attempt to overthrow this person who established communist in Cuba. Fidel Castro
What did Kennedy do to prevent completion of missile bases in Cuba? Naval blockade
Encouraged fair employment practices Equal Pay Act
Included the Project Mercury flights Space race
The Warren Commission was given the responsibility of investigating this disaster. Pres. Kennedy's assassination
Kennedy's domestic agenda for America New Frontier
Technique to stimulate/improve the economy, used by Kennedy Deficit spending
A goal of President Kennedy's New Frontier Equality for all Americans
At first, President Kennedy approached this issue cautiously Civil rights
How did the Cold War effect the American space program? The competition between the Soviet Union and America spurred American space missions
Who became President of the US when Kennedy was assassinated? Lyndon Baines Johnson
What was the Warren Commisions determination on the Kennedy assassination? Kennedy'y assassin acted alone
What did Lyndon Johnson hold before becoming Vice President of the US? Senate majority leader
Provided some medical benefits for Americans over 65 years old Medicare
Johnson's social welfare plan calling for an end to poverty and racial injustice Great Society
Job Corps was created by... The Economic Opportunities Act
Which court was the most liberal court in Supreme Court history making rulings that often supported Civil Rights? Warren Court
Provided basic medical services to poor and disabled Americans Medicaid
Purpose of Civil Right Act Fight discrimination based on race and sex
Benefited from the Elementary and Secondary Education Act Inner city schools
A result of the Great Society Lives of many underprivileged Americans improved
Given the job of investigating Kennedy's assassination Warren Commission
Ran against Kennedy in the 1960 election Richard M. Nixon
How did the Alliance for Progress help Latin American countries? Provided economic assistance
How did Khrushchev's power change after the Cuban missile crisis? He became less powerful
What did the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty end? Aboveground nuclear tests
Pres. Kennedy designed his agenda to fight this concern Poverty
Result of Equal Pay Act Employment practices became fairer
Warren Commission's decision on the Kennedy assassination Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone
According to Pres. Johnson, what was the purpose of government? Support individual efforts
During his career, Pres. Johnson was known for waht skill? Compromise
Why was the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 neccessary? Existing American immigration policies were discriminatory
Legislation that banned descrimination based on race or sex Civil Rights Act
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