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History Midterm

when was Thomas Jefferson elected 3rd president? 1800
Why was the precedent of Judicial Review put in place? Marbury vs. Madison court case
What did Thomas Jefferson negotiate in 1803 which doubled the geographical size of the United States? Judicial Review
What two men did Jefferson recruit to explore the Louisiana Purchase? Lewis and Clark
Who were the culprits of the problems encountered dealing with trade in the Mediterranean Sea near the beginning of Jefferson's second term? Barbary Pirates
June 21, 1807, a british captain fired on the USS Chesapeake, which resulted in 3 dead and 18 wounded known as.. Chasapeake-Leopard Affair
What did Jefferson introduce as a result of he 1807 incident? embargo act
Who was the author of the Constitution? James Madison
What two domestic problems were encountered by President Madison? Non-intercourse act and Macon's Bill
What were three causes of the War of 1812? free seas and trade, frontier pressures, war hawks
Problems Americans face preceding the War of 1812. Militarily and financial unprepared, regional dissagreements.
Three major battles of the War of 1812. Battle of Baltimore, Washington, DC, Battle of New Orleans
The Hartford Convention use federal revenue only for defense
What Treaty was the peace treaty that ended the War of 1812? Treaty of Ghent
Who led American forces to victory at the Battle of New Orleans? Andrew Jackson
What were the three motives for exploration into the New World? God, Gold, and Glory
Three improvemens in the navigation that made exploration much easier. maps, ships, wind patterns, astrolabe
what is the economic theory of mercantilism? raw material given from colony to Europe, processed then shipped back to the US
Why were Africans preferred in the slave trade? they were less susceptible to European diseases.
what was the initial purpose of the colonies? to serve the homeland.
What was the first permanent English settlement in the New World? Jamestown
What system of government was called for by the Governor of Virginia in 1619 House of Burgesses
Who was the Governor of Massachusetts Bay Company, founder of Boston? John Winthrop
Misconceptions about Puritans not educated, boring, no music
Differences between Pilgrims and Puritans puritans were non separating Congregationalists, repentant of the church membership, worshiped church of england
Approximately how many people were living in the US in 1709? 4 million
What was the public debt acquired during the Revolutionary War? 52 million dollars
Who was the vice president while George Washington was president? John Adams
Washington's cabinet was formed by ideological differences between whom? Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton
What was the first priority of the new Republic? to adopt a Bill of Rights
According to Alexander Hamilton's Report on Public Credi fiscal policy it would be designed to favor wealthier groups
According to Hamilton's Report on manufacture a protective ____ would be place on all imported goods. Tariff
Created by: CassidyM