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Social Studies

SS review for unit exam Chapter 9- New Republic

What were the 4 precedents set by President Washington? 1)the Cabinet 2)2 terms of presidency 3)neutrality 4)no violent protests
Who were the members of Washington's cabinet? What were their roles? 1)Jefferson-Secretary of State 2)Hamilton-Secretary of Treasury 3)Knox-Secretary of War
What was the goal of Hamilton's Economic Plan? -to pay off the national debt -to help new American businesses (factories) get started
What was the purpose of the National Bank? -it was set up by the federal government to give loans to American businesses
How does a protective tariff work? -it was a tax on foreign goods -it makes foreign goods more expensive, so Americans will buy American made products (helped American factories)
Explain the Whiskey Rebellion and its importance. -farmers in Pennsylvania revolted against the whiskey tax -Washington sent 15,000 troops to crush the revolt (no violent protests) -it showed Americans that the government was strong (unlike the government's response to Shay's Rebellion)
What type of foreign policy did Washington follow? Why? 1)US should remain neutral 2)America was still weak 3)Washington wants to avoid wars 4)We didn't want more war debt
What was the Neutrality Proclamation? (1793) -America (Washington) says we aren't getting involved in the war between France and Britain
Explain Washington's Farewell Address. -Washington advised America to remain neutral and avoid alliances and European affairs
Explain a strict interpretation of the Constitution. 1)the National gov't must follow the Constitution word for word to limit the power of the National gov't 2)it was favored by Jefferson and the Demo-Republican party 3)any power not listed in the Constitution goes to the states 2)
Explain a loose interpretation of the Constitution. 1)National gov't can read between the lines of the Constitution 2)favored by Hamilton- the Federalist party 3)federal gov't- more power 4)Necessary and Proper Clause: Congress can make laws necessary for the country (listed in the constitution)
Who were the candidates of the Election of 1796 John Adams:federalist vs Thomas Jefferson:Demo-Republican
Why was the result of this election strange? 1)Adams won and Jefferson became the Vice President 2)they were from different political parties 3)this was corrected by the 12th Amendment to the Constitution
What problem was America having with the French during the Adams Presidency? Why? -France was capturing American ships. -France was upset with the US because America refused to help them in their war against England (this was after France helped America in the Revolution)
Explain the Alien and Sedition Acts. -they were laws passed by federalists to punish the Demo-Republicans -immigrants had to wait 14 years before they could become citizens(not 5) -president could "kick out" any immigrant he felt was dangerous -became illegal to criticize the president
Explain the Kennedy and Virginia Resolutions (laws). -they were laws passed by Kentucky and Virginia which gave states the rights to nullify (cancel) federal laws that he felt were unconstitutional -Jefferson and the Demo-Republicans were behind these laws
Define Foreign Policy -dealing with events outside of the country
Define Domestic Policy -dealing with events inside the country
Define Cabinet -the official advisors of the President
Define National Debt -the total sum of money a government owes
Define Protective Tariffs -a tax on foreign goods brought into the country (protected American businesses)
Define Inauguration -when a person is sworn into office and assumes the power of presidency
Created by: carlsond
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