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Social Studies

SS unit review - Jefferson- Monroe

How did Jefferson reduce the size of the federal government? -he cut federal debt -he shrunk the size of the Army/Navy
Why did Jefferson believe in laissez faire when it came to economic affairs? -he believed the government should not interfere in the economy (he was against using tariffs)
Explain judicial review. -the supreme court can declare laws passed by Congress unconstitutional (It means it can't be a law anymore)
Which Supreme Court case set the precedent of judicial review? Marbury vs. Madison
Which branch of government did judicial review make more powerful? How? -The Supreme Court: They can declare laws unconstitutional
Why was it so important for the Americans to gain control of the Mississippi River and the Port of New Orleans? -Trade: It was a major trade route
Who did Jefferson buy the Louisiana Territory from? -Napolean (France)because he needed money for war
Was the purchase constitutional? -Yes, because Jefferson said he could make a treaty (he chose loose interpretation) -No, because it's not in the constitution, but Jefferson chose to use a loose interpretation of the constitution
Who explored the Louisiana Territory for Jefferson? -Lewis and Clark
Who were the Barbary States and where were they located? -They were pirates and they were located in North Africa (on the Mediterranean Sea)
Define impressment. -The British Navy forced Americans to work in their Navy
What was the purpose of the Embargo Act and the Non Intercourse Act? -to punish Britain and France for capturing our ships (violation of our neutrality) -Embargo Act: The US couldn't trade with anyone -Non Intercourse Act: the US couldn't trade with England or France -both laws only hurt the US
Who were the War Hawks? Who was their leader? -they were the congressmen who wanted war with Britain -Henry Clay was their leader
What were the 5 goals of the War Hawks? 1)to stop impressment 2)to stop Britain from arming Native Americans (stop giving them weapons) 3)to conquer Florida 4)to conquer Canada 5)to show the world that we are strong
Who was the president during the War of 1812? -James Madison
Why did the US finally declare war on the British? -Britain blockaded US ports
Was the US ready for war in 1812? Why? -No, they were not ready -they had a small, weak army and navy
Who was the hero of the Battle of New Orleans? Why? -Andrew Jackson -under his command we lost very few soldiers
Describe the Industrial Revolution. -it was a switch from animal/human power to machines (factories)
Who was Sam Slater? -he brought plans back from Britain to help set up factories
Describe Lowell, Massachusetts. -it was the first factory town set up in the US
What is urbanization? -the growth of cities
Define sectionalism. -it is pride in one's section or state
What were the three sections that developed during the early 1800's? -north, south and west
Name the sectional leaders, and their beliefs in government. -North: Dan Webster-he believed in a strong National government -West: Henry Clay-he believed in a strong National government -South: John Calhoun-he believed in state power over National power
Explain why the south was against the use of tariffs. -they had to pay more for their goods, and the tariff only helped the North and West
Explain the Monroe Doctrine. -1823 -European nations were forbidden from setting up any new colonies in the Americas -US would view any future colonization of the Americas as "dangerous to our safety" -America would not interfere in European Affairs
What is the Adams-Onis Treaty? -The US bought Florida from Spain for 5 million dollars
Created by: carlsond
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