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What are the former slaves called? freedmen
What are the Northern immigrants who came to the South for financial or political gain? carpetbaggers
What are the southern whites who sided with the Republicans called? scalawags
What is the system in which a tenant to use the land and split the profits with the landowner? sharecropping
What is the indirect veto by the president done by holding a bill unsigned until Congress adjourns? pocket veto
Who are the Southern Democrats who tried to get control of state governments after the war? redeemer
What amendment gave freedmen citizenship? 14th
What amendment gave freedmen the right to vote? 15th
What amendment abolished slavery? 13th
What was the function of the Freedmen's Bureau? to provide food, clothing, and education
Where did some of the abandoned and confiscated land go? to the freedmen
What laws restricted the rights of the freedmen in the South? Black Codes
What was President Lincoln's primary goal for Reconstruction? to unite the country as soon as possible
What party believed the presidents' plans were too lenient? Radical Republicans
How did the federal government ensure the South would comply with the Reconstruction plan? sent federal troops in
What happened in the South as African Americans gained more political power? racial tensions rose
What was the problem with the SC state constitution of 1865? representation was based on white population and wealth
What group gained representation in the state legislature? African Americans
What positive attitude is attributed to the Radical Republicans during Reconstruction? education was provided to freedmen and poor whites
What campaign methods were used by both candidates for SC governor in 1876? intimidation and violent rallies
What led to the withdrawal of federal troops in SC, ending Reconstruction? election of Rutherford Hayes as president
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