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Mo Leg. Branch

Stack #154816

What is the chief duty of the legislative branch? To make Missouri's Laws
What constitutional article describes the legislative branch? Section 3
What is the name of the house and senate together? The General Assembly
How many total members are there in the Senate? 34
What are the three formal qualifications to be a Senator? 30 years old, Regestered voter of Missouri for 3 years, live in the district you reperesent
What is the term length for a senator and how many terms may they serve? 4 years, unlimited
What are the two unique duties of the Senate (what two things can only the senate do)? Jury in impecahment, approve governors appointments
Who oversees the Senate? Lt. GOvernor
Who oversees the senate in the absence of the Lt. GOvernor? President Pro Tem
How many members are there total in the House of Representatives? 163
What are the three formal qualifications of to be a member of the house? 24 years old, regestered voter in Missouri for 2 years, live in the district you represent
What is the term length for a member of the house and how many terms may they serve? 2 years, unlimited
Who oversees the House? Speaker of the House
What unique duty does the house have? Speaker of the House
What is pork spending? Attaching money to a bill that has nothing to do wiht the bill
What is geremandering? Stacking a congressional district in order to favor one party over another
Cracking and Packing Two ways of geremnadering
Bicameral another way of describing The Missouri General Assembly
Created by: Coach Hilton